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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Supreme Court once again slapped down Alabama and rejected Alabama’s bid to use congressional map with just one majority-Black district.

It is becoming more clear that, absent unforeseen circumstance, the Democrats should regain control of House. If that is right, McCarthy loses his gavel anyway. Why not do the right thing while he can?


Trump was found guilty of fraud by a New York judge. Neither he nor his family will be allowed to do business in New York. His lawyers were sanctioned for making frivolous arguments. Of course, there will be appeals.


Putting his guilt or innocence aside, a big deal is being made about the gold bars possessed by Senator Menendez. I have never invested in gold, but I know many people who have. It is not that unusual to keep solid gold coins or gold bars at home.


Brooks Robinson, 86, just died. He was one of the greatest third baseman of all time. Arguably, with 16 Gold Gloves, he was the best. Only Greg Maddox, with 18, had more Gold Gloves.


Having spent a lifetime in a courtroom, including depositions, I know that if I had a dollar for every lie heard, I would be one very rich man. Still, after about 58 years, I think I can recognize a credible witness most of the time. I have now heard and observed Cathy Hutchinson quite extensively. I think Trump’s lawyers and Meadows’ lawyers will have Avery hard time impeaching her testimony.


The UAW President has refused to meet with Trump when Trump visits Detroit. He astutely observed that Trump did not care one whit about the working man. At least a few leaders are beginning to realize that Trump is just one big fraud. Still, he has legions of blind followers.


How many of you know what I am referring to when I mention “Kup’s Corner”?

How about Bistro 110, Armando’s and the Shangri-La?


Marlins could not play yesterday. Doubleheader today causes tremendous strain on an already very depleted pitching staff.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine (Leave McCarthy)

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