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Saturday, November 4, 2023

We did not arrive at our hotel in Frankfurt until 10:30 p.m. Barbara unpacked and we went to bed. Thanks to a major screwup by Lufthansa, we lost one of three days in Frankfurt although not the hotel bill it was a very wasteful, exhausting, expensive days did not hacvevto worry about salt intake, too much beer or overeating. We did not eat at all other than breakfast before we left our apartment by the way,the people at security at BOLOGNA Airport were as rude and surly as the lounge employees. It is not a nice place.

Our taxi from the airport was under 50 euros. Private car services wanted close to 300. There was a long line of taxi so I would not even consider a car service in Frankfurt.


Unhappy appellate panel temporarily lifted Judge Chutkan’s limited gag order. Only Trump could get away with this crap.


Breakfast at hotel good. I could not eat most of the food, but they had fresh squeezorange juice, made me an egg white omelette without salt, andi had a really nice waitress.

We are off to outdoor market, then a famous museum andthe Jewish Museum. I vetoed going to Dachau.


This post earlier than intended. Frankfurt full of football fans. Almost everyone is friendly. People go out off their to be kind.

Been standing or walking for hours and about out of gas.

Really having a great day but back really bothering me


Barbara is having a great time and doing her own thing in a world class museum. That is more than fine with me


Dinner tonight in a very famous local place .


Went to a famous market. German potato salad with green sauce fabulous. I had more pork bratwurst and frankfurter made of meat and both unlike anything ailable outside Germany. Probably schnitzel tonight.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine. Go Israel.

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