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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Yesterday was exhausting. Got Barbara a nice hat to keep warm, went to a great market where the food was great. In fact we shared German potato salad with a great green sauce. Frankfurt is famous for their green sauce and we both had it again for dinner at a very famous well regarded restaurant, and their green sauce was not nearly as good. The schnitzel, however, was great and did not require a knife.

In the market we bought a real top notch knife. Had to pay cash.

Visited two museums, one, one of the best in the world, and then the Jewish Museum. On our way to the market, Barbara-almost bought out all the gingerbread cookies in a large bakery. She did not want to carry them all day so we arranged to pick them up at end of the day that was easier said than done and took an hour in a taxi with an inventive driver to call the bakery and have the cookies brought to where the taxi could wait. To make it more difficult, it was pouring rain and we were lucky to get a taxi when Uber did not show up at Jewish Museum.

Going to dinner, we had a horrible taxi driver who had no idea where he was going. The taxi back was 15. Our taxi going was 27. I gave him 20 and said this was too much. He screamed but finally drove away. I would note the Frankfurt taxi drivers highly, but the people could not be friendlier.

We left the hotel at 8 a.m and got back from dinner at 9:30. Long exhausting day but I had a very good time and Barbara had a great time. She does so many things for me that even if I hated the day, I would have loved it. ——————- It was too eventful a day to post. ————————- See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan ————————- Go Ukraine Go Israel

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