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Friday, November 3, 2023

Santos easily survived a vote to expel him. Not as hard to understand as the over 30 Democrats who supported Santos.


Three important military promotions passed, but Tuberville still will not budge on blockade.


Went out for walk yesterday. A little over 3000 steps. It was a start.


A very hectic expensive day. An hour before leaving for airport,our flight was cancelled. We got on a flight from a Bologna and car costs about $500. We missed the plane and had to rebook and a Lufthansa charged us over $1000 a ticket one way I think it is time to put my legal experience to work. We will miss one night in Frankfurt as will not arrive until after 9


Bologna Airport is terrible. They do not have a enough storage so we had to carry our bags to the business class lounge Barbara says she has never met a ruder employee in a lounge. There is a rule that one cannot bring in luggage which is ridiculous. I do not do well with this kind of bullshit and Barbara had to restrain me from erupting. She was not completely successful. I am writing this sitting in a very mediocre lounge with even a diet drink


I am going to post now because, hopefully, the excitement for the day is over I cannot afford much more.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine, go Israel.

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