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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

She was born a Coal Miner’s daughter and she died yesterday at age 90, a true icon of American music. I just loved Loretta Lynn, the songs she sang, many written by her, and just about everything else about her. She was my number-one-of-all-time female country music singer, and her death truly saddened me.

Lynn received every imaginable award, including a Kennedy Center Honor all the way back in 2003. To me, that is the ultimate award an artist can receive. “She Knew How”.


I am thrilled that Judge hit number 62 He is a class act. The Yankees probably just hand him a signed check with the amount blank, and say, “Please fill it in but leave something for your teammates”.


My blood test results were very good. I really appreciated that my doctor, who is very Observant, chased me down after his office closed to give me the good news.


Donald Trump has filed an emergency appeal with SCOTUS. My scholarly friend who has forgotten more about the Court than I will ever know, says, “No way will Trump win”. I hope that is right.


This morning, because I was President of Temple Beth El before most of you were born, I will sit on the Bema for the morning service. I will be meeting our new Rabbi for the first time.


Another very good day in the stock market on Tuesday, but it will take a whole lot more before I even approach where I was on January 1, 2022.

Euro and dollar now at parity.


One of the legal issues I used to lecture about is the difference between a shot trial, say one that lasts a week or two, and a long trial that lasts longer -- sometimes much, much longer.

I bring this up because at our break the fast tonight, two couples will be attending whom we met on the 180-day around-the-world cruise we took in 2019 to celebrate my 80th birthday.

On a short cruise, it is run, run, run, see as much as you can, and there is hardly any time to meet other passengers. Sometimes on a 10-day cruise there may be only one sea day, or maybe none. On a long cruise, there are many sea days, often as many as five in a row. Sailing from a port in California to Hawaii is a five day journey.

A long cruise is like going to camp. One really gets a chance to get to know others. I enjoy that a lot -- Barbara not so much.

There is the potential to really meet some keepers when on a long cruise. One thing I would not like to do, but many are of a different opinion, is to book one or two segments of a longer cruise. Whatever the length of the cruise, I strongly feel it is best to take the whole cruise if possible.


There are a lot of Ukrainians in the United States. Everyone of them should be supporting Biden and every Democrat big time.


What can you say about Herschel Walker? For most candidates, his son’s statement would bury any chances of winning an election for U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, Walker will probably not lose a vote from the Trumpers because Trump would not lose a vote. In fact, Trump would probably raise millions so that he could buy more condoms. The best we can hope for is that Walker’s unconscionable lifestyle will bring out more of the women’s vote and the vote of the unaffiliated.


The Braves won another division championship. I am not sure that was in their best interests to do so because they play the Dodgers, I believe.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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