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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Some thoughts about the Rico case in Georgia. Originally there were 19 defendants. Four have already made a deal which leaves 15. None of those who made a deal have avoided time in jail, and have saved hundreds of thousands in legal fees.

I think any who can make the same deal should make it, and the sooner the better. Why incur the loss of money and time, and then try to make a deal which may or not still be a available?

At least for now, I do not see anyone making a deal that involves time in jail. So, the question becomes, “which defendants, if any, does the prosecution going to want to serve time in jail?

There may be none of it may be just a few. Meadows and Giuliani are really bad guys and deserve to be incarcerated. However, what if they can cut a deal, that leaves only Trump.

Trump is crazy enough to never make a deal that includes he did something wrong. It is not in his DNA. For appearance purposes, does not Willis have to make the offer of no jail if every other defendant got the offer?

Who is going to want to go to trial? Not even Trump, but what his lawyers will do is file every possible motion they can conjure up to have the case dismissed.

If everyone or almost everyone who plead out keeps their word and testifies truthfully, Trump is a dead duck. My crystal ball tells me Trump loses on the papers, and, eventually, will have to go to trial. Maybe he will get lucky and get a hung jury, but I would not bet on it when the jury hears from Trump’s cohorts who plead and truthfully testify.

The end game is a long one, but I would not put any money on Trump prevailing. In the meantime, I would expect to see more pleas.


Yesterday Google had an picture of Taylor Swift holding Kelce’s hand. Today they had a picture of her kissing his cheek. Since I am one always looking for trends, stay tuned folks, as I figure in about a week, it should really get interesting.


In the meantime, while the media is covering fourplay between a country music star and a football star, we still have no government and none on the horizon.


Whether this is a blockbuster or not is unclear, but, apparently, Meadows, after receiving immunity, has testified three times before a grand jury. What I read, do not indicate which case or cases, the testimony is relevant to. Whatever the details, this could not be good for Trump.


Michael Cohen is on the stand in the New York fraud case. I like him and believe him, and I expect some real fireworks. Look forward to reading the details.


Holy shit! Now Tom Emmer has dropped out. It is a total disaster. Trump is still calling the shots and so we are head for not only a government shutdown, but the inability to meet our commitments to our allies. No one is close to garnering 217 votes. Trump May be right when the schmuck said we need Jesus Christ to be Speaker. Maybe McCarthy can be resurrected.


The next man up to the plate is Mike Johnson of Louisiana. I know zero about him. Pretty soon the Republicans will be running out of candidates.


Today Barbara and I will be spending the day visiting the “oil road”. We are being picked up at 9 a.m. which is 3 a.m. in Florida and will be gone for the day visiting oil places,ntaking at least one tour and tasting various oils.


Happy birthday to son Charles.


Hard to believe the Phillies lost. Congratulations to Arizona. I ever thought they would come into Philadelphia and win both games. Texas v Arizona in World Series is a pairing few could have picked. Baseball fans have to be stunned. The rest of our country is upside down so why not our national pastime?


Our friend Gabriella is really struggling. My fear is her losing the will to live.


Fiend Mike doing better but not out of the woods. He, however, has an extraordinary wife like Barbara so he has a huge edge.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine (but that is easier said than done when we gave. No government to help Ukraine)

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