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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Tuesday morning in Texas, near San Antonio, another outrageous shooting incident where at least 19 children and two adults were needlessly killed by an 18-year-old who legally bought two automatic weapons and over 300 bullets.

Someone probably has these statistics, but my bet is that there is no other country in the world that has experienced more mass shoutings and just outright lawlessness than the United States?

Honestly, we are getting to be a terrible country. It is no longer safe and no serious efforts can be made to improve things because the Republicans are becoming bigger assholes every day. Fewer and fewer things that happen each day make sense.

I cannot even conjure up in my mind what horrific thing could occur which could get the Democrats and Republicans to say “enough, this is ridiculous”. There is so much bullshit flying around that our alleged leaders have become nothing more than clowns. ———————— How many of you realize that there is just not a handful of Republican candidates but dozens and dozens who have publicly announced that even if Democrats win certain elections, those results will not be accepted and will be overturned?

I understand the importance of the price of gas. I know there are millions of people who can barely make it financially and many more who cannot make it. The Republicans, or whatever they are, are not going to help you. They will not even try.

The Democrats will try to help you but, to be successful, they need huge majorities because the Republicans will not help at all.

The United States, as it exists today, may barely be recognizable one or two years from today. We will no longer be a democracy. We are going to be like Hungary.

Too few people are connecting the dots. There are many issues that need to be addressed but there is no working mechanism for doing so. Too few of our citizens are taking the time to think. They look at one tiny part of the puzzle but not the big picture. In the meantime, our freedoms are getting crushed. This is not trickery or sleight of hand. DeSantis, Hawley, Cruz, Greene, McCarthy, McConnell, Paul and dozens of other Conservatives have drawn us a f-—-g map. They have said "here is what we are going to do first, then next, then next." Whether you believe in abortion or not do you think the government should outlaw it? Do you want interracial marriage and same sex marriage outlawed? How about the purchase of condoms?

Do you want elections? Do you want them to be fair or rigged? Do you want a level playing field if you go to court or do you want the judge to already decide you lose?

Do you want fair prices for drugs and medical care for everyone or just the rich. Do you want to lose your social security? How many more gun massacres have to occur before you will want reasonable gun control?

When are you going to start electing people qualified to hold public office? Do you really think football players and football coaches who spent their lives learning football can learn to govern our country in a few months?

Our government makes laws. How about electing lawyers who know something about lawmaking? Duh!

Trump lost and everyone with half a brain or less knows he lost. Stop the nonsense. Get rid of this clown and stop looking like fools by pandering to a man who just will not accept he lost. We are living in another universe.

I really had to write one simple sentence today to express my thoughts. Regrettably, I am announcing that the United States of America is broken. ——————— Go Ukraine

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