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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Donald Trump ran major businesses into the ground including lucrative casinos in Atlantic at a time when all well run casinos were doing very well. Now, Trump want to run our Country into the ground by not wanting us to pay our debt much of which he incurred. He is a traitor.


Our cruise ends very early Saturday morning in Barcelona. Having been there many times, we are going from the ship to the airport to go to our home in Florence to met up with son Charles and his family.

Thus, our stop yesterday in Casablanca was our last real port. We had never been there before but have spent ten days in Marrakech and its environs. Casablanca is totally different and is a mixed bag. The merchants in the markets are aggressive beyond anything imaginable.

Our lunch was mediocre at best because guide insisted we go to a place which was really a tourist trap. The people in the port would not let cars anywhere near the gangplank. Seabourn failed to provide transport at to where we could meet our guide requiring me to walk a few thousand unnecessary steps.

We did attend a great reunion dinner of our wine master class but I had no appetite to eat much or drink anything. I was really tired, but overall it was a really nice day. Spent it, again, with Beverly and Ritchie who did not board until Capetown, but everybody gets along and they are among the many whom we hope to see again.

It is now 11 p.m for us. I am in the cabin writing this post and anxious to attend the feather ball awaiting me.

We are not fully packed, but Barbara is well organized. The staff has been extremely helpful.


Tina Turner has died. Barbara and I attended the Kennedy Center Honors the year she won. Read her book. Very interesting life and I like her more after reading about her. Old Ike was one mean dude.


I never thought I would root for Donald Trump. However, I am rooting for him to bury Ron DeSantis.


How is Tucker Carlson doing?


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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