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Thursday, November 9, 2023

The world was not good enough for James Fox Miller and with the heaviest of hearts, we are sad to say he has rolled his final 7.

Our lives will never be the same, and the clouds that cover our souls may lessen some day, but they will never go away. Even his bad days when he didn’t feel good, or when Trump did another idiotic thing, or when the market tanked, he was happy.

His whole life made sense because of the love he had for his wife. Whether he was eating 3 day old chicken or at a 3 star restaurant he was the luckiest man alive.

When James Fox first started writing this post he had no expectations other than to share his love of family, friends, sports, food, travel, and political musings. It was a way to memorialize stories and ideas. He loved watching the number of people reading and commenting on the posts grow as his words resonated with people from all around the world.

Writing these posts brought him great joy and we are forever thankful for all the likes comments and shares! This is his last and final post as James Fox Miller has joined his final game of craps up above.

The best lawyer, best dad, best grandpa, best friend and the best husband of 63 years. We are devastated and miss you already.

Up Jimmy! Go Dolphins! Go Marlins! Go Ukraine! Go Israel! Go Jimmy!

Love, The Miller Family

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