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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Talk about an abuse of judicial process! A couple in India has sued their son and daughter-in- law for failure to give them grandchildren. Query: is there a way to get this case assigned to Clarence Thomas?

Guess who of all people is decrying the lack of collegiality on the Supreme Court? You guessed it: Clarence, I would not recognize a conflict of interest if it hit me between the eyes, Thomas.


I am mourning the end of the red orange juice season. We can still buy fresh squeezed orange juice for 6.29 a liter but it is not the same. See what a simple man I am?


If we are lucky, there will be one less Republican wacko in the House. Cawthorn has conceded. I say “if” because there are lots more wackos to replace him. No matter what, however, a Trump-supported candidate lost. Anytime Trump’s influence recedes even a minuscule amount is good.


Sweden and Finland want to be part of NATO. Russia hates the idea. The United States loves it. So easy, right? in come Sweden and Finland without a problem even though vote must be unanimous.

Wrong!! Turkey has some grievances with the new applicants. If that were not enough, Turkey and the United States have some serious issues and the President of Turkey is using the leverage he has to resolve Turkey’s differences with us before agreeing to let in Sweden and Finland.

The world’s stage is anything but simple. Time to go into the business of making back scratchers.


Marlins beat Nationals again. Noteworthy is Marlins got ten hits.


McDonald’s is leaving Russia altogether. I am sure a decision of this consequence was not made for just one reason. Profit is the corporate world is a major factor no matter how any decision is spun. Nonetheless, McDonald’sdid say that continuing to do business with Russia was inconsistent with its corporate values so I give McDonald’s credit. If I could eat a few thousand orders of their French fries, I would.


Tucker Carlson must be taken off the air. He really should be in jail. Fox News pays him about $10 million a year. Carlson has lost all his major advertisers but is still the biggest draw on cable. The blame for this situation rests solely on the shoulders of Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News.

How is pressure put on Murdoch? He owns The Wall Street Journal. How about boycotting that newspaper? Something must be done. Carlson makes Tokyo Rose look like Girl Scout of the Year.


And New Yorkers, how can you elect someone as outright vile as Elise Stefanik? My word!!!


President Biden’s remarks in Buffalo were letter perfect, but totally naive. He is dreaming because our country is no longer what he is telling us it is, which it once was, and what it should be. Too many millions are sitting back and our democracy is dying of Complacency—-the new Big C.


Go Ukraine

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