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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Well, the Marlins did not lose by one run yesterday. They lost by 6.


Josh Hawley is pushing what clearly appears to be unconstitutional copyright legislation which would effectively strip Disney of all its copyrights. Hawley and Cruz are two of the very worse highly educated Republicans walking this earth. Where do these intellectual freaks come from?


Listen to me, Corporate America. Do not leave Disney hanging out there by itself. Take the billions you spend on inane advertising and put your resources to destroying the Republican Party before they destroy you, and everyone who loves our Democracy.

Organize “yesterday”. The November elections are almost here. You either destroy or get destroyed.

There is no longer a scintilla of doubt that the Republican Party as we once knew it is no more. The Republican candidate for Governor of Michigan just came out directly opposing Democracy. The Republicans are making no bones about it.

Herschel Walker, no doubt a great football player, but with zero credentials to be a U.S. Senator is against all abortion.

Cruz wants to punish companies who assist employees in going to other countries where abortion is legal after the Republicans outlaw all abortion in the United States. My statement that the reversal of Roe v Wade is just the beginning, not the end, is, clearly, just not speculation. It is virtually fact.

People, take your heads out of your asses. Just read and listen to what more and more Republicans are saying everyday. They are becoming more and more emboldened by the prospects of Roe v Wade being reversed.

You will see laws making it a crime to sell condoms. Strap yourself in real tight when you step into the time machine the Republicans intend to require our entire country to step into. I kid you not.

Want to marry someone of the same sex, start looking for another country to live in. Interracial couples, start packing your bags

Maybe a deal can be made by everyone who is not a heterosexual conservative white Christian to buy a few States, Islands and Countries and just leave before the Republicans revoke your right to do so.

Who knows? Non-white Christian Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners could become slaves. Doctors and lawyers and everyone else not white, Christian, or straight may have to use separate bathrooms and drink from different water fountains. Maybe ride in the back of the bus of the bus company they used to own.

Nothing is too absurd. I am not making up this stuff. These are concepts I read about THIS MORNING!


Leg still very painful, but tried to do too much too soon. Now, for the next two days, at least, I just lie flat on my back with leg elevated and do nothing.


Go Ukraine

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