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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

I started writing this post about 3 a.m Italian time this morning. Why was I up at that hour? Because for the last two days all I really did was sleep. A snail has had a more active life than I have had the past week. I am now concentrating on speed walking. . . okay, just walking, okay just walking slowly, okay just crawling to a nearby supermarket with a machine where one can squeeze their own delicious fresh orange juice. I did make it to the store and back, a little more than 2000 steps, but no one watching me was ready to sign me up for the Olympics.

We have had plenty of food available, I just have not eaten it. Gianni and Gabriella dropped off two special pastas and her own great homemade red sauce, but I have not had an appetite. Of course, Barbara does not eat pasta except very occasionally at our favorite restaurant in Corazzano. Believe it or not, other than brunch the day after we arrived, we have stayed home. I have not even had a glass of wine which, in Italy, is sacrilegious. The good news is I lost about ten pounds and am finally feeling well enough to actually get dressed and venture into the streets of Florence. I think I am finally definitely on the mend. Now I have to see how Barbara does because she is not her normal energizer bunny self.


I said I would talk about Clarence Thomas. I think he should resign. He has brought disgrace to himself and the Supreme Court. Forget impeachment. The Senate will never convict and give Biden another appointment.

However, Thomas must recuse himself on all cases where his Wife is directly or indirectly involved. If he will not, and Chief Justice Roberts has the power, he must take Thomas off all such cases. I do not know if he has the power to do that. Experts says Roberts is powerless. He is not the boss of the other justices.

It does not take an ethics professor or even a lawyer to figure this out. We do not have to talk about the highest court in the land. If a part-time small claims court judge had before him a claim against his wife, he would say “I cannot hear this case.” I have taught several law students who later became judges. They recused themselves in all my cases and all cases my firm handled. This is not rocket science, and if Thomas does not understand this, he is a worse judge than I ever thought he was, and that was at the bottom of the barrel. I defy any judge on the Supreme Court or any other court, liberal or conservative, to rule that there is not a conflict if a member of his family came before him or her in a case.


By 29 to 3 the NFL owners voted to change the overtime rules so that each team gets the ball. This new rule only applies to playoff games and not regular season games.


Give me a break. Even Mitt Romney, often an isle of sanity in a sea of insanity, has said he has not made up his mind on whether to confirm Judge Brown Jackson. There may not be a decent Republican left in Washington except Kinzinger and Cheney


Meanwhile, the war between Ukraine and Russia continues and my sense, just mine, is that a good part of the world is not paying nearly as much attention to what is going on as they should. I think we get tired of everything except maybe Trump

——— ———————.

I did not watch the Academy Awards. I have read many opinions about the Chris Rock/Will Smith incident. What I have learned is that there is nothing that happens in this world where every single person has the same opinion. Unanimity is not even a sometime thing.


Go Ukraine

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