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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Watched the entire January 6 hearing on Tuesday. Wow! Hutchinson’s testimony was devastating. Trump is guilty as hell. So is Mark Meadows. Loved Thompson’s final remark about others maybe finding the courage to come forward to say what they know. Of course, Trump demeaned her testimony. Thought Cheney did an excellent job.

Watched MSNBC and thought their panelists were far better today than in the past. True, it was easier to make good points than on some other occasions, such as the foreknowledge of potential danger. The fact that Trump threw dishes and grabbed his driver was unpresidential but not surprising. We had an unhinged President and millions want him to be President again. Go figure.

Both Giuliani and Meadows sought Presidential pardons for what happened on January 6. That should tell us something. ———————— Speaking of throwing, they threw the book at Ghislaine Maxwell for aiding Epstein in sex trafficking. This woman certainly belongs in prison, but it will be interesting to see how much time she actually serves. Someone can come to my grave and leave a note when she is released because some serial killers do not actually serve that much time. ————————- Going almost without media coverage, Turkey has withdrawn its objection to Finland and Sweden joining NATO. That is a real big deal. What I do know is what concessions, if any, did Biden have to make for this to get done. I say this because at one time the President of Turkey was trying to leverage his consent in a dispute with us. —————————— One of my readers sent me something that raised a question in my mind. If we are not alive after we take our last breadth, why are we alive before we take our first breadth? Just asking. ————————- Marlins lost again. ————————- Going back to yesterday’s bombshell hearing, I would not be surprised if there were more surprises. With Meadows and Giuliani and Trump himself now directly connected to a flagrant attempt to overthrow our government, others may decide they do not want to hang. Ben Franklin was right when he said, “Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead”. —————————— Dinner last night was a pint of the low calorie ice cream——340 calories. If I could just consume that amount of calories for dinner, I would do well.

Yesterday, my trainer came for the first time since I was injured. It was tough going, but I did better than I expected to do in most respects. Next session is tomorrow. —————————- I have agreed to do some pro bono work for the LGBTQ+ who are now fearing for the future of their families. If any of my readers are willing to donate either their time and/or their money, please let me know. Justice Thomas has sure stirred up a lot of people. What a terrible man. —————————- I am no expert but I do not like what I am reading about how Ukraine is doing against Russia. I understand, however, that Russia’s economic problems are worsening. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the meetings presently taking place in Europe. Were it not for 25- year-old Cassidy Hutchinson directly implicating Former President Trump in a treasonous act, the headlines would be about the war.

Go Ukraine.

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