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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Not a lot to say today because yesterday, Barbara and I spent most of the day at the ballpark and then had dinner with son Charles and his family. Had lots of fun watching Marlins get 19 hits and score 15 runs. Then Charles made a great dinner.

We love seeing all three of Charles and Cindy’s children. Every one of these grandchildren are really excelling.


Still cannot get our phones fixed. We have one working line and our cell phones, and, frankly, it is not that bad.


I cannot see any Republican emerging to challenge Donald Trump. He has literally millions of people totally bamboozled. Nothing is certain in litigation, but everything I see and read leads me to want bet a lot of money that his goose is cooked.


Just received Helen Cox Richardson’s daily blog and she had absolutely nothing to say which make me feel somewhat better.


If all goes as planned, Barbara and I will go from Florence to Frankfurt for the Dolphins v Chiefs game on November 5. We were supposed to go to London a few years ago for the Dolphins v Jaguars game, but something came up that made that trip undoable.


Isn’t Alabama ashamed and embarrassed by Senator Tuberville? The man is horrible. Makes Herschel Walker look like a genius.


It will be hard for me to remember today is Wednesday.


Does anyone else have the experience that the closer you get to a bathroom, the worse you have to go?


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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