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Wednesday, December 7, 2022


It was not easy and it is frightening that so many Georgians cast their vote for Walker, who really was not qualified. Nonetheless it got done.

As of almost midnight on the east coast, and about 5:30 a.m Wednesday for me here in Italy, Walker has announced he will concede. Actually, I am not surprised and would have been surprised if he did not concede. Walker may not be a lot of things, but there is no denying that he was one of the greatest football players in history. There are few, if any, great athletes who have refused to congratulate the winner when they lose.

I love it when I see black and white athletes hug each other after a game. Often, I think, “Why cannot everyone, not just athletes, do that kind of thing?”


At 3:30 p.m. with the polls in Georgia almost closing , I was still being solicited to donate to the campaign. That is ridiculous.


Walker’s loss represents more problems for Trump. Another one of his hand-picked candidates went down in flames


Tuesday was just not Trump’s day. Besides the Walker loss, and the jury verdict mentioned below, I refused to sign his Christmas card.

It did not take the jury long to find The Trump Organization guilty of criminal tax fraud. Of course there will be an appeal. My bet is, at the end, the verdict stands. What this means, others smarter than I, and maybe with working crystal balls, can tell you. However, I am confident this verdict will have some presently non-quantifiable adverse ripple effect greater than just the fine of $1.6 million. There is no joy in Mudville.


I do not know what the odds were, but my bet is that very few picked Morocco to beat Spain in the World Cup. They won it on penalty kicks 3 to 0.


I now have two categories of “dumb”. There is “Georgia dumb” and there is “Texas dumb”. You do not have to be from Georgia or Texas to be so labeled.

“Georgia dumb” is that your intelligence is slightly greater than that of a rock. You are basically illiterate. Examples, Hershel Walker and Tommy Tuberville.

“Texas dumb” is that your intelligence is off the chart, you are highly educated and have excelled in most areas of your life. However, you are evil and when you come to a fork in the road, you inevitably take the wrong one. Examples, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

The categories are separate from pure lunacy such as Marjorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz. They should just be locked up and sedated for the rest of their lives.

Everyone I have mentioned should be “fixed” so they cannot reproduce.


Yesterday Donald Trump asked me again by text my opinion on the identity of his running mate. I replied, “None, because Dictators to not have Vice Dictators”.


Biggs from Arizona, knowing he has no chance, has announced he is going to take another run at McCarthy for the Speaker’s job. I love it and look forward to watching a bloody battle, this time among the Republicans for a change. This all begins January 3.


Haircuts this afternoon. My friend Joe Reiter will be happy. Barber here is great and comes to our apartment. The shop he used to work in closed so he freelances. He has been cutting our hair for over ten years.


Watched a Marilyn Maye cabaret show taped about two years ago when she was 92. Maye is still at the top of the present cabaret performers, although there are other great ones. Billy Stritch was at the piano. I put him number 1 for what he does.

Some of my other favorites are Eric Comstock and Barbara Fasano, Steve Ross, Jeff Harnar, Michael Feinstein, Carol Bufford, and Christine Andreas. I put my dear friend Daryl Sherman in a different category because she is part of our extended family.

Then, listened to The Mills Brothers for a couple of hours. They are, by far, my favorite all time singing group.


Yesterday was a very good day for me. I loved the last line of Heather Cox Richardson’s newsletter which was the following quote: “Consider the possibility that Joe Biden is very good at his job”.


Go Ukraine

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