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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Weather permitting, we will be flying back to Florence tonight at 5:55 p.m. Snow is expected in Paris, and Air France has already informed us that our flight could be cancelled. That would be very, very bad because we have only two days to pack up everything to come back to Florida.

The front desk at our hotel, with which we were otherwise very pleased, gave me a hard time about a late checkout until 3:00, but I got it done by calling the Manager directly. We should know by 3:00 whether we have to stay an extra night or whether we can get back to Florence.


Yesterday was another really nice day. We left in a taxi for Versailles at 8:45 a.m. It was only euros 50 and very convenient. We had not been to Versailles for probably 25 years and it was far more magnificent than I remembered. Big crowds to see a special Louis XV exhibit.

After spending almost three hours walking around, we went into the gift shop. We have been in many museum gift shops, the nicest being in Shanghai. The gift shop at Versailles is the most outrageously priced of any I have ever been in. There are ripoffs and there are ripoffs, but this one wins the gold medal..


That was the only downer. Surprisingly, Alain Ducasse has a restaurant right at Versailles. Stefano had made a reservation and we had a really nice lunch. Three coursesfor euros 43. All the food was excellent. Stefano had great foie gras, Barbara had a beautiful presentation of salmon, and I had a chicken terrine. The second course was a pasta for Stefano, cod for Barbara, and chicken breast for me. The desserts were outstanding, including a chocolate sorbet and as good a soufflé as I have ever tasted, made with pineapple and rum with coconut ice cream on the side.


Took a taxi back directly to Bon Marche, the major Paris department store, where Barbara bought some things she said she needed. At this point in our lives, I prefer “want” to “need” because if we never bought another thing, we would more than survive. Back to our hotel by 6:30. Stef wanted to go to dinner at a place he liked and had been to twice.-- Ole Grand Colbert. It is un upscale brasserie, very overpriced but with excellent food. I had six oysters for euros 25 and more damn chicken. Stef had more foie gras and a small steak.

When we asked restaurant to call a taxi, none were available, but I got an Uber in two minutes. I rarely use Uber in the States, but it is an absolute must in Paris. It can be cheaper than a taxi, or a little more for a really nice car such as a Lexus or a Mercedes. We will take one to the airport later today if our flight is not cancelled.


Have not kept up with what is going on in the world. That is probably good.


Go Ukraine

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