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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Myron Cohen was a clean Borscht Belt comic who used to tell the story of a patron in a restaurant who ordered a lobster and was brought a lobster with one claw. When the patron complained and demanded an explanation, the waiter’s excuse was that this particular lobster had been in a fight and has lost a claw in the fight. The patron looked up and said, “So bring me the winner”.

Not sure why I thought of that story, which I thought was funny when I heard it on The Ed Sullivan Show, but maybe because yesterday the Marlins played a day-night doubleheader. I chose the day game and left disgusted when we lost by one run due to walking a man with the bases loaded in a tie game. We did win the night game scoring 8 runs in one inning.


Right now Ukraine is kicking the shit out of Russia. The Russian soldiers do not even know what they are fighting for. The Ukrainians are fighting for their Democracy.

We, in the United States, could take some lessons from the people pf Ukraine and fight for our Democracy, which will go down the tube if the hoodlums who call themselves Republicans win the upcoming election.


Even some Republicans are saying they do not like Trump’s position that he would consider pardons for January 6 rioters if re-elected. Why the hell would Trump say that anyway? He already has the lunatic fringe on his side.


Market could be up again today. Depends on what the inflation numbers turn out to be.


Lindsey Graham is getting ready to introduce a national anti-abortion bill. Remember, "Always give your opponent a chance to make a mistake”. If Roe v. Wade were not overturned, if the Republicans would not have taken such extreme positions, the Democrats would have been demolished in November. Now they have a fighting chance because the Republicans will not back off, so now anyone who cares about individual rights should not even consider voting Republican. Nothing else matters. Listen to me, please.


Trump is in deep legal trouble on the multiple fronts and it is getting worse by the day. The man is still insisting he beat Biden and nothing will change his mind


The Senate confirmed Biden’s nominee to the 9th Circuit. The vote was 46 to 40 demonstrating we are still at virtual gridlock even on what should be simple matters. At least he got through. Every Biden Judge, and this one is the 80th federal judge of his Biden’s presidency, will help dilute the unbelievable damage Trump did to our judiciary.


The number one male tennis player in the world is now a 19- year-old Spaniard.


I am beginning work on devising a new criminal justice system which requires everyone in our Country to prepare a net worth statement annually. Then, based upon the size of the net worth, decisions will be made as to whom to prosecute, how fast to prosecute, bond and sentencing. Everyone thinks this system will treat the rich better than the poor, but if we did the reverse, things might be better.

Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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