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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

At a church service, for the offertory, the Minister passed around his hat. When it came back empty, the Minister looked up and said, “Thank God I got my hat back."

Acouple of weeks ago I asked my readers, who often tell me they will buy any book I write or buy any compilation of my blogs, to consider, since I have not tried to monetize my writing efforts, to give to a Foundation I head which (among other things) will assist American students studying music in Florence. I have received one gift and the promise of another.

So here's the point. Donald Trump can raise millions to help him defend alleged rapes, multiple treasonous acts and an effort to overthrow our government but all my readers will not donate more than $150 tax deductible dollars for a charity. I do not want to think about this further, so you have read my last effort to raise funds for charity. This paucity of giving has also caused me to not even think about writing something others would pay to read.

I am more educated than I am pissed. —————————— Now Trump is threatening to sue Bob Woodward. Trump’s claim is that the tapes Woodward made with Trump’s permission belong to Trump and not Woodward. I have never known anyone more litigious that Trump. “Sue” used to be a proper name. Now it is a verb. ——————————— In my view, it is a terrible mistake when thinking of issues to make “abortion” an issue. Only 9% think that issue is important. The real issue is much larger. If awoman’s right to choose can be regulated, all other individual rights such as the right to marry whomever you choose, whether to use contraception and so forth. These individual rights are the bedrock of our Democracy. So, the real issue is much bigger than just abortion. ——————————- Clarence Thomas granted Lindsey Graham’s emergency request for a stay. That has to be wrong. The stay is only temporary but stinks nonetheless.

Not only is the decision made solely by Thomas dead wrong as a matter of law, Thomas should have recused himself and let another Justice handle the matter. Guess he does not have to sleep in a different bedroom. —————————- How long do you think it will take to pick a jury in the tax fraud case against The Trump Organization? There are not enough hours in the day for Trump to do what really has to be done by him to assist the platoon of lawyers involved in all his litigation. There has to be a lot of shooting from the hip. ———————————- Florida Governor’s Debate observations:

1. Moderator was weak and did not enforce rules. 2. Neither candidate used their time as effectively as the could. 3. Liked that Crist brought up issue of no abortions even when incest or rape. It was not responsive but necessary, 4. Crist was well-prepared on the numbers. 5. Maybe not everyone agrees and Crist was, by the rules, not allowed to ask a question of DeSantis, but I loved his asking whether he would serve for his full term if elected. 6. Good point by Crist that with a budget surplus, teacher’s pay should be increased. 7. Crist scored big time on abortion and immigration. 8. Both candidates are very good debaters.

I think Crist won the debate “hands down”. I have no idea how the professional assessors of these things feel.

Crist is way behind in the polls. If DeSantis’ outrageous positions have not cost him, then losing a debate is unlikely to move the needle sufficiently to make a difference. I wish I were wrong. —————————- Many of you may not know the name Robert Gordy. He just passed away at 91. Gordy was one of the most influential people in the musical world. He wasthe founder of Motown. ————————— Yesterday I learned of the loss of another “friend from the past" -- attorney Mike McNerey. Mike forgot more than anyone else knew about the budget of The Florida Bar. He mentored me, even though I was a decade older. Without his help, I would never have become Budget Chair after one year and would likely never have been in a position to successfully run for President-Elect three years later. Mike’s life should have turned out much better than it did, but he stood up for what he believed and I always had great affection and respect for him. My sincerest condolences to his family. —————————- Packages tell you how many calories per serving. Some supermarkets and restaurants provide that information. Does anyone know how the computation is made? How accurate is it when it says “this Coca Cola is 140 calories”? Asking for a friend. ——————————— Go Ukraine and vote as if your life and our democracy depends upon it.

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