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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

One would think that Putin’s having cancer surgery and temporarily turning over Russia to a man some say is even worse would be the lead story, but it is not. The lead story is that the draft opinion overturning Roe v Wade has been leaked.

Alito wrote for the majority. This is really a horrible, beyond horrible, situation. Italy and Mexico, two very Catholic countries, allow abortions. As I have written in other contexts, the United States is spiraling backwards at a rate so fast everyone’s head should be spinning.

Rumor is the Republicans will try to pass a bill banning all abortions. The Supreme Court decision will leave the issue up to the individual States and that is not good enough for the anti-abortion conservatives.

Then what happens? Those who can afford it will travel to another country. If I were young and living in, say Switzerland, I would start building abortion clinics now.

However just as prohibition brought on lawlessness, banning abortions will bring on illegal abortion clinics, and, even worse, injury or death to poor women who have back alley abortions.

What, to me, is the real travesty, is that the vast majority of Americans agree with Roe v Wade. The people’s will is becoming increasingly unimportant.

To me, this was never a hard issue. If one does not want or believe in abortion, don’t have one. That is why they call it Choice. No government entity should be able to dictate what a woman can do with her body.

In the vernacular, this is one huge cluster f—k.


Well, what else is new? The Dolphins draft has been rated D. However, that is misleading, due to the fact that the Dolphins got at least one great player, and several very good ones before the draft, giving up many high draft picks to do so. I think that if one grades how a team’s roster has improved from last year to this year, the Dolphins get A.


It is sad to report that Diane Feinstein, now 88, has, apparently lost it. She is even having trouble remembering names of colleagues. Fortunately, there is a Democratic Governor in California.


What a depressing post. I tried to think of a joke that could make at least some people smile but all I could think of was Clarence Thomas.


I am not sure what motivates me to tell you this, but one of the highlights I have every day is the glass of fresh orange juice I have each morning. Of all the great food and drink in Italy, when we go back to Florida, I will miss that juice more than anything else.


Barbara and I are off to the Central Market as soon as I post this. Then, I have to go to the dry cleaners. In Florence, there is no such thing as same day or even one, two three, four, five or six day service. Everything takes a week. I am not talking about dry cleaning services in a hotel. That is different, and one way that it is different is that the cost of having something cleaned or laundered in a hotel is often more than the cost of the item.

Once, many years ago, I stayed at the Peninsula in New York. I made the mistake of sending four or five days of workout clothes to their laundry. The bill was several hundred dollars for clothes that did not cost $100. I told them to keep the clothes, but I was not paying the bill. It cost something like $10 to wash socks that cost $3. Now, they were beautifully and individually wrapped but who cares? By the way, we made a deal so I paid a small fraction of the bill and kept my socks etc.


Go Ukraine.

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