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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Monday I did not leave my bed, but I had a very busy day. We leave for Florida a week from tomorrow and have a whole lot to do get ready. We have never found a way to travel lightly and If I told you the details you would just laugh and think, “No, one is that nurse”- we are.

This year is it worse because I am still immobile. Hoping for vast improvement in next several days. See dentists Friday, leg doctor Monday, get tested for Covid Tuesday. Fly all day Wednesday just arranging to get various places took hours.


Spent some time helping a friend find the right doctor. WHN decided to have a combination birthday/Father’s Day get-together on the 19th because she will have nothing else to do.


Friends are getting Covid. Looks like way too many people relaxed way too soon.


After saying I knew less about the Depp/Heard trial than anyone alive, and cared even less, a polite reader asked my opinion of the trial. I took a quick look and concluded “This case is no different than the cases I have been handling my whole life.”

It always mystified me why spouses wanted to air their dirty linen publicly. There are almost three sides to these types of cases—his side, her side, the right side. I would like a dollar for each lie told during these trials. We have a judge who, right after he swears in the witnesses who pledge to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, says “Let the lying begin”.

I have no idea what the jury will do. I would never even consider offering an opinion not having followed all the testimony. What I will say, is that if the jury likes one party better than the other, it will find a way for the party they like to win. If the jury concludes each gave as good as they got, they deserve each other, no one wins and both defamation cases would be denied.

The jury's guts will lead them to what they think is the fairest result. Judges often refer to this as “stomach justice”. I do not approve of any physical abuse between spouses. I was taught never even to consider hitting WHN and never would Do not know how much stronger Depp is than Heard, but there is no way it could be fair.

Depp initially brought the defamation suit. She then counterclaimed. If the jury believes the op ed piece she wrote was defamatory, then he can win. Sorry I cannot provide a definitive opinion, but it is intellectually dishonest to do so.


I know I am beating a dead horse, but right now, good or bad, President Biden is shouldering more responsibility with hardly any help, less than any President in my lifetime and probably in our history.

There are so many problems to address. Some common ground must exist with respect to at least a few matters. It is apparent, however, that the Republicans are content to just standby and do nothing to help our country, because that would help Biden and just wait until it is their turn to govern.

The only conclusion I can reach is that those who say they are Republicans want nothing to do to govern now or help the present Administration in any way. I guess it is not their country, so they don’t care.


Lawsuits are already being filed in Pennsylvania over the election. I am virtually sure there has been more election litigation since Trump came on the scene than in the rest of our history put together. Clearly, the Republican view is if they lost, the election was rigged. Otherwise they would not have lost.


Is anybody paying attention to the sex scandals coming out from the Southern Baptists? Pardon the pun, but: ”holy smoke!”. Now, it is beginning to tie together: first you rape, then you outlaw abortion. What a crew.


And in Michigan, some 68,000 signatures were simply forged in order to help Republicans qualify to run for Governor. I can't make this shit up, folks. And I am learning all this bedridden in Italy. Can you just imagine the lawless acts that seem to be not daily but hourly occurrences?

Each day fewer and fewer people are playing by the rules. My problem is I cannot find any rules to break. I could simply not file my tax returns, which would give me a lot extra spending money until they caught me, which would take ten seconds. If I could eat salt, I could steal salt shakers, but it seems a waste of effort. I already have 175 pepper shakers and lots of sweetener. Just kidding people.


The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals finally handed Governor DeSantis his ass, declaring his social media law unconstitutional. The 3 judge panel was unanimous.


Go Ukraine

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