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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Marlins beat the Nationals 8 to 2. The Marlins have won 16 games all season. Without checking, my guess is that quite a large percentage of those wins are against Washington. The Nationals are the old Senators and are not very good. However, they are better than the new Senators elected to hold public office and represent the people.


I keep going back to this issue because I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that the opinion of the voters only seems to matter when the votes are cast. Once the candidate is elected, the opinions of those who elected him or her are totally disregarded.

Most every elected person just seems to go off on their only little toot. Some enterprising journalists should evaluate what each office seeker said while campaigning. I will wager a lot that not one of them campaigned on the platform “Elect me, and I will do whatever I am told to do by the person in power in my Party whom I think can make sure I get re-elected. I really do not care what my constituents think. I will do what I am told to do so save your calls and letters, your views are of no consequence.”

The candidate, no doubt, will never campaign on the platform “The Constitution be damned, that document was written a long time ago and has no relevance now. I mean what are we going to do with all those people who are not white Christian men?"

Seriously, millions of people think that their vote is important. They can elect people who vote their views. That is not happening. Every Republican Senator voted against Choice.

Eleven Senators just held up aid to the Ukraine, including that schmuck Hawley whom I now have pencilled in as Goebbels. Query: what percentage of Missouri voters agree with that vote? Even Cruz voted the other way,

Essentially, what we have now is a system where legally or illegally, qualified or unqualified, honest or dishonest, etc. etc., we elect men and women to public office, some now making more money than they ever did before, and then the officeholder does whatever he or she is told to do by McCarthy or McConnell or Trump.

Thrown to the wind is any discretion, joined by our Constitution already in the garbage can. Whatever happened to the Bill of Rights? Whatever happened to “liberty and justice FOR ALL?"

The decay in our Democracy may be so prevalent as to be unfixable. If a candidate knocks on your door or speaks to you in a group where questions are taken, ask “if you win, how will you represent me?” Find out who the candidate will listen to. I am not sure you will get a straight answer, but try. Try to record the question and answer. If you cannot, confirm in writing what was said, ending with “No further response from you means you agree with the foregoing “.


Late today with this post because I went to the dentist. Went well and my leg is getting stronger and less painful.


In bed all Monday but had visitors. My friend and colleague for many decades Guy Haines came to Florence for a few days with his Wife Shayla. We had a great visit. It helped they are both as liberal as we are.

Guy and Shayla have now moved to a beautiful place in Maine. Although a few years younger than I, Guy is about retired. He is from the old school where his handshake was his bond. I did not have a lot of cases with Guy because his office was in North Palm Beach. We did, however, socialize a lot at Academy and College meetings.

One great experience we had is that Guy finished Tatiana Nameth’s divorce. I had represented Joe, my all time favorite celebrity client, from day 1. Joe Nameth was and still is one of the nicest guys in the world, and smart. When he came to Guy’s office, he had gifts for the staff and signed personal autographs for all who asked

A lot of celebrities are total assholes, particularly athletes who are recognized as special at a very early age and are spoiled rotten. Not every professional world class athlete is a jerk, but a lot are. Joe Nameth is the exact opposite—-kind and a real gentleman.

As a postscript, it is not hard to tell why Joe could throw a football so well. Each of his hands is about the size of Nebraska and his throwing a football is like my throwing a tennis ball.


Back to bed rest until Thursday afternoon when see orthopedic surgeon,


Go Ukraine

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