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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Got home safely and without incident from Vegas, arriving about 9 p.m. Amy accompanied me all the way to make sure I was all right, and Beth and Walter picked me up at the airport.

I only used a wheelchair once I landed in Miami. I could have made the very long walk but it would have taken a very long time and would have inconvenienced others.

Son Steven got sick which is not good. Barbara is still the busiest person in town.

Had intended to finally sleep upstairs, went upstairs to do so, but air conditioning was not working so I came back downstairs. Barbara did not notice it is warm because she likes warm.

I start with my trainer at 9 a.m. today. I am a little apprehensive, but know it is necessary.


Yesterday I posted a very short statement that the reversal of Roe had nothing to do with Constitutional law. Today I posted a detailed, and I think brilliant, elaboration of what I said written by David Boies. You can find it on my website ( I strongly recommend that you read it


Yesterday, my law firm got a TRO in Louisiana, temporarily enjoining the State’s abortion ban. How long that will stay in place remains to be seen.


My next trip is to go to New York with the Marlins for a weekend series against the Mets. The trip after that is another baseball trip to Chicago and Kansas City with Ed Snyder, Lowell Sucherman, Ed Gold, and Cary Mogerman. That trip is in early August. Each summer we try to visit two ballparks


From time to time I talk about my Foundation, American Friends of Florence Music. One of my responsibilities as President is to raise funds. The friends I asked to donate were, with only a few exceptions, very willing to donate. The problem I ran into was that my friends also have charities, and since they said yes to me, I had to say yes to them. In essence, I found myself matching each gift I received.

So now my fundraising is focused on asking other foundations for funds and working with charitable people I do not know who want to support music in Florence and its environs. I do get substantial donations from friends on my birthday and other personal occasions, because I am a difficult person for whom to buy gifts.

Our foundation supports a lot of worthy causes in Florence, where many American students come to study. Yesterday, we received a grant request from Xenia International Chamber Music seeking $3000 to host six Ukrainian students at a musical course being given in a place close to Florence. I am going to ask my board to approve that request.


I hope to be able to watch the just-scheduled hearing with respect to January 6 I keep reading how the Republicans are heavily favored to demolish the Democrats this coming November. I just do not get it. Just the abortion issue alone should destroy the Republicans.

Add to that the fact that the evidence is increasingly clear that the Republicans tried to overthrow our government, and that should be more than enough to throw every Republican out of office. They are not representing the desires of their constituents, and although the price of gas is important, the Democrats do not control the price, and even if they did, are not your personal freedoms and the right to have your vote fairly counted, more important?


Go Ukraine

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