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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

I really benefitted from being intensive care for a month because I learned how to adjust a hospital bed.

Having that root canal without pain killer prepared me for the pain I would feel if I were tortured in a concentration camp.

Learning how to be a blacksmith when a slave is a benefit of slavery.

Three cheers for Ron DeSantis. Holy shit!


I am not an expert on Israel, but I know enough to know they are in trouble, and, if they are in trouble, so are we. Israel has no Constitution. Checks and balances seem to be dissipating. What has happened in the most simplistic terms is that the Supreme Court has been emasculated. We could send them Thomas and Alito for two bowls of Matzah ball soup and a kreplach to be named later.


The “talking heads” think Donald Trump is scared to death. I disagree. He is not smart enough to be scared, and never, in his life was he put in a position which justified his being scared.


What is to stop the Supreme Court from entering an Order which says “ here Alabama is your new voting map providing two Black seats for all elections. Either set up compliance immediately and report back in 30 days it is done or we what” That is the rub. Who can enforce the ruling if no one in Alabama willl do it? Can the Court rule that no Representatives fom Alabama can be seated in the House until there is compliance ?


However many indictments Trump faces, how do his lawyers win without his testimony? He is most probably the world’s worse witness. True, the burden of proof is on the government, and true Trump has his Fifth Amendment rights, but the nature of the charges are such that Trump’s testimony may be essential if he is to prevail.

I have to believe that, with all the time this has taken, the prosecution “has the goods”. That is what the pundits think and some of them are pretty good.


Speaking of pundits, think of CNBC what you want, but some of there experts are really knowledgeable. The former head of NATO, for example. Former Ambassadors is another example of people who have a real basis for their opinions.


Meanwhile back at the ranch three individuals are making shambles of our country and this does not count DeSantis and Trump who are, in my view, without any redeeming value. Abbott in Texas, Tuberville and McCarthy all need to be neutralized. They create havoc just for havoc’s sake.


And throughout all this, the stock market is doing quite well. We are just coming into earnings season so things could turn around on a dime, but so far, so good.


I still prefer Tony Bennett’s version of “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. However, listen to Billy Eckstine’s recording. It is first rate beyond doubt.


Doctor at 1 today. Keep your fingers crossed. On an anti biotic for at least four more days and that is not fun. Barbara is going with me today. She listens and asks questions better than I do


Not reading much about moves by Marlins at trading deadline. Think they are still a “buyer” but not positive.


Two granddaughters off to college very soon. One to Florida in honors program, and one to nursing program at Miami. My bet is they will both excel.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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