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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Dr. Fauci has announced he will retire before the end of Biden’s first term. Can anyone blame him?

We are living in a period where the opinions of experts are virtually being ignored by a meaningful percentage of our population. How many people unnecessarily died from Covid? —————————— Climate control is another mystifying issue. The best scientific minds we have are screaming “we are in trouble”. The vast majority of Republicans do not believe it.

Our grandchildren and great grandchildren and those who follow are going to ask, “How could you (our generation) sell us down the River like that?”

I remember the first time I learned the details of the holocaust and it really bothered me that my parents were in the prime of their lives and, essentially, stood by while millions of Jews were wiped out. In fact, I remember getting really mad as I walked through Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and was asked to recite Kaddish. ——————— I love it that Trump plans to run again so he can avoid the arm of the law. Garland really needs to get off his ass. ————————- Does anyone believe a word Bannon says? How about Navarro or Flynn? They are all clones of Trump, and if they were Pinocchio, there would be no room for anyone else. ——————— I will not understand any woman voting Republican. However, even harder to understand will be any gay person voting for any Republican. One does not have to e a lawyer to understand what is coming down the pike. Ted Cruz just made it abundantly clear that gay marriage should be made illegal. Maybe we should ship all sheep out of the red states and see if that helps. ————————— Juan Soto, according to my own eyes, hit 19 home runs in the final round of the Home Run Derby. He ”appears” to have won $1 million. However, Fox News has still not pronounced Soto the winner. The Republicans are demanding a replay and have appointed alternate scorekeepers to review the count. They claim that the only way Rodriguez could have lost would be if the Derby were fixed. The bats and balls used have been ordered sequestered, and a recount demanded. —————————- That controversial judicial appointment in Kentucky has been pulled. Senators McConnell and Paul are not happy with one another. It is not totally clear to me what role Biden played but I am sure glad this nominee will not be a Federal Judge. ————————— I got up at 4:30, just briefly, and Barbara was already downstairs working She was up last night until past 11 p.m. If the woman sleeps four hours it is a lot. And no naps for her during the day. She sits about 15 hours a day at her computer, is on the telephone many of those hours, but she eats standing up at various times, not normal mealtimes, feeds me, cleans a house way too big for two people and exercises. I got tired just writing this. ———————————- I have my annual physical Friday Have the trainer again five times this week. Getting stronger, but still have a long way to go. I couldn’t play the piano before the operation so could not play after the operation. What I am saying is that rehabbing the broken leg fully will still not make me fast enough for the Olympics. ———————————- I am looking forward to Thursday night’s hearing of the January 6 Committee. The Committee should have more documents from the Secret Service which I now trust as far as I can throw them. ——————————— Women, stay the hell out of Idaho. The Republicans there have resoundingly rejected abortion even to save the Mother’s life. Of course, once the baby is born, no provision is made for the newborn. Caring stops once the baby is out of the womb..Holy smokes! ———————————— Listened to about 10 versions of “You Made Me Love You” last night. There are many great versions including Patsy Cline’s. ——————————— Go Ukraine, and vote as if your life depends upon it.

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