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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Random thoughts at sea sailing towards Easter island. These thoughts are in no particular order of importance, just items that crossed my infertile or fertile mind depending on your point of view.

There is some presently non-quantifiable chance that Brian Greise, now quarterback coach for the 49ers, could return in that capacity to his alma mater at Michigan. I like that idea, but not sure moving from pros to college is a good career move.


A couple of interesting showdowns are looming between Speaker McCarthy and minority leader Jeffries. The first showdown is over whether two ranking Democrats get thrown off the Intelligence Committee. This is a Select Committee which means the Speaker has the unilateral power to not seat a House member. The two members are Schiff and Swalwell, both from California. McCarthy’s actions would be pure retribution for Pelosi’s actions against Marjorie Taylor Greene and others. My view is Pelosi had cause. McCarthy does not.

The second showdown is over an appointment to the Foreign Relations Committee. That is not a Select Committee, and McCarthy has to put that appointment to a vote. It will be really interesting to see if he is willing to test his power as Speaker over this kind of issue. If I were he, I would be very, very careful about choosing his fights. He is far from solidly entrenched within his own party, and one thing he is not is a master strategist.


I deeply respect Dahlia Lithwick whom I have known since she was a baby lawyer just out of Stanford. Pay attention to what she writes and says as it is almost always “right on”. Dahlia is Canadian, but few are as knowledgeable as she about issues involving our increasingly dysfunctional Supreme Court.


Trump is supposed to formally kick off his 2024 Presidential Campaign in Columbia, South Carolina, home of my good friend Kenny Lester. However, it is also home for two other Presidential wannabes, Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott. Seems to me South Carolina is not the best place for Trump.

It also seems to me that with four convictions yesterday for seditious conspiracy of four Oath Keepers, Trump’s timing is horrible. The lawyers for those convicted really tried to lay the blame at Trump’s feet for January 6, I think correctly so.


I am really disappointed in Chief Justice Roberts. It seems to me that he did a half-assed job of trying to find out how the overturning of Roe v Wade was leaked. Roberts seems more interested in protecting the integrity of the Court, but it is too late for that.


Not sure where the recent arrest of Charles McGonigal will lead, but it could lead back to Trump. No matter what, it is a bad turn of events for more than just McGonigal. Stay tuned.


Same old sea day. More than any human being should eat and drink, listening to music, lying around and getting lazier and lazier. Barbara and I are two of maybe a dozen passengers who go to the gym. Most exercise by lifting one arm with another piece of cake at the end.

Last night, the ship had another formal night. I was the only one in a sweater. It was not yet time for my Wife to eat again so I cancelled dinner at Keller’s and will try again for Wednesday night.

We did enjoy going to a cocktail party to see the Seabourn faithful receive awards for their loyalty. Two couples on our cruise have sailed over 1200 nights on Seabourn. Those who love this kind of cruising really love it. I am starting to meet some interesting people and I love the crew. Without exception, they try to please every single passenger.


Good day in market yesterday. Futures are down today.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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