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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Remember an old Brook Benton song, “Rainy Night In Georgia,”? Incidentally, I think Benton is one of the most underrated singers of his time He also was a terrific songwriter. One of my favorite compositions of his is “It’s Just A Matter of Time”. I am not intending to write about music here. This is just my stream of consciousness working and connecting dots in my mind that probably only I can understand.

I woke up at 6 a.m. in Italy thinking, “Do I have anything of interest, at least to anyone but me, to say today?” and my first thought was, “It’s Election Day in Georgia!“ which you see connects to “A Rainy Night in Georgia," which connects to Brook Benton, and then to an entirely different song which I liked as a kid and still like.

What the fact that the runoff election is finally here means to me is that the number of texts and emails I will be receiving beginning tomorrow will decrease about 80%. I will basically be left with hearing from Trump which is more than a scary thought.


Things are not going well for “The Donald”. In Utah, he polled behind both DeSantis and Cheney. I expect Trump’s “spin” will be along the lines of “they’re all nuts out there," but the ”handwriting should be on the wall". This is particularly so if Walker loses in Georgia. Trump should be a sinking ship. The only reason I am not prepared to reach this conclusion without hesitation is that he should have already sunk years ago and he is still sailing.


By the way, I chose to disregard all of yesterday’s huckster efforts which included the following:

  • President Trump: I asked my team to make this special link just for you. Your offer is EXPIRING SOON. LAST CHANCE to claim.

  • Don Jr: My father would LOVE to see your name & greeting. Sign the ONLY OFFICIAL Christmas card for Donald J. Trump.

  • Donald J Trump: Our Southern Border is in DANGER. I need YOU to support the Official Secure the Border Fund NOW

  • MAKE CHRISTMAS GREAT AGAIN! You have 5 minutes to claim (1) of our Trump Christmas Cards.


Everyone, Trump is using the money donated to all these made up false funds to pay the millions in legal fees he is incurring each week These efforts are no more than out and out scams preying on the ignorance of people who are being fed one pile of manure after another and think the Marjorie Taylor Greene’s of the world will be their Savior.


Okay enough why were only four quarterbacks named Heissman finalists?

How is a shortstop worth $300 million dollars to the Phillies for 11 years?

Is Verlander worth $89 million for two years to the Mets?


The two pairs of glasses I ordered are late in arriving. We come back to Florida in a short time so I will keep my fingers crossed.

Paid euros 40 yesterday when I picked up dry cleaning including sheets that would have cost at least -150 in Florida.

Saw workmen putting up the lights on the big Christmas tree in Duomo Square. Remember, my motto, “It is never too late to have a happy childhood”.

Hope my friends attending the International Academy meeting in Morocco are still there when Morocco plays Spain today. They should head for a sport’s bar for a great experience.

I have been in several countries including Brazil and Argentina when their teams were playing in the World Cup. Basically, the whole country comes to a standstill and watches the game. Great fun, for sure.


Folks, many of you might want to stay out of Jakarta or anywhere else in Indonesia. The country has just passed legislation banning sex outside of marriage. Might get into some definitional problems here, but the 45 minute obscene phone call may be on its way back, and Bill Clinton may have a whole new career in front of him.


Steven sounded better yesterday. Very unhappy with how Bobby is doing. Had a really nice call with Grandson Jaden yesterday who is unexpectedly swamped at Vassar with work. He will do great. Listening to Jaden describe his father’s (son Charles') experiences in Calgary where one day it was 14 below, could be SNL material.


Go Ukraine

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