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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Barbara is leaving the house about 7:30 a.m. after already having been to the store, and I doubt she will be home before midnight. Other than my trainer and daily cardio training, and maybe a little work, I am left to my own devices as I am every Election Day. I am given a choice of accompanying Barbara and attending the various receptions/post Mortem parties, but I elected multiple root canals without anesthetic as an alternative.


On television Monday, the Crist /Fried race got a lot of coverage almost all of which was televised from in front of Versailles Restaurant. The restaurant’s name was prominently displayed multiple times, probably for more than an hour cumulatively,.

My question is whether Versailles paid for that exposure. It would have cost some six figure amount had they paid for this kind of advertising.


I am very discouraged that Biden’s approval rating is only now 42% when he has had multiple successes despite the Republicans doing everything they could do to stop him, even when their own constituents liked a lot of what Biden accomplished.

I would need to know much more about these polls being taken before I could determine whether they are meaningful or not.


I am sorry for the people in Texas who are the victims of the flooding. On the other hand, any problem that can land on Governor Abbott’s lap is good news. He is one terrible man. Not as bad as DeSantis but still Hall of Fame terrible.


Good results will prove me wrong, but I am not impressed by any of Trump’s lawyers. Normally rich people in the private sector can put together a legal team for which government lawyers are not a match. That is not the case here.


I am not going to say much about the $1.6 billion gift some right wing Conservative I never heard of donated because I do not know enough. I do know we are in deep shit when this kind of thing can occur and it is not even discovered for about two years. These are really scary times.


Got murdered in the market Monday but Euro is $.99 against the dollar.


I had been looking forward to Hershel Walker debating his opponent but understand, unconfirmed, that it has been called off. When checking on the Internet, it is unclear what will happen.


Oakland is worse than the Marlins who shut them out 3 to 0. Yeah!


There were typos in yesterday’s post but, for some reason, I could not make the corrections. Sorry.


I have been instructed not to publish my choices on Election Day so I have not. Contact me by messenger if you want my input.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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