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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

I wrote recently that the Democrats would get whomped because, among other things, they needed a message and they needed to be more enthusiastic and less lethargic. I asked everyone what the Democratic message should be. I have thousands of readers. Two readers responded. I rest my case.


I have been thinking, often dangerous, about DeSantis’ hopefully unconstitutional legislation, “don’t say ‘gay’” law. In a nutshell, pardon the possible double entendre, the law limits the discussion in schools allowed concerning sexual orientation and gender identity.

It occurred to me, maybe because we are approaching the Easter/Passover part of the year, that DeSantis really did not think through this law. Yeah, could Jesus have been gay? He was devoted to his Mother and never married. All those men, sitting around in flowery robes? No women at The Last Supper? I don’t know.

And all those Jews wandering around in the desert all those years. What they do for sex? Sounds like not everyone was heterosexual. A whole lot of priests never complained about their alleged celibacy. . I think the line was “describe a priest’s sex life”. Answer “nun”.

So, what is next? Do all the Gideon Bibles have to come out of hotel rooms? Did anyone ever think about why virtually every hotel room had a Bible? Why not”Playboy,” or even old “Penthouses”? At least give the patron a choice or have one of each.

What about the fact that J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual or, at the very least, a cross dresser? I know, that is why there is no more rule of law. Folks, you gotta be smiling or at least thinking about it, because if you do not try to satirize what Florida has done and other States are trying to do, it should scare the living shit out of you.

Seriously, dead seriously, the sexual orientation of human beings must be left alone. Let people just live their lives and be what they are comfortable being. It hurts no one, and besides, being bi-sexual doubles your chances of getting a date Saturday night.


Will Alito and Thomas ever decide differently? I don’t think so, and I am not so sure about Gorsuch either.


It is about 4 a.m. for me as I follow Kansas v. North Carolina. When I first checked, Kansas had come out of the box really fast and they led 9 to 3. I looked at some other things and when I came back to the game, the Tar Heels were ahead 22 to 18. I am rooting for pork barbecue over beef so want North Carolina to win. (By the way, I have been to many great barbecues in Kansas City but my stomach is in the South.)

Now 32 to 22 with just under four minutes left in first half. Kansas is a 4-point favorite, so sports books have to be paying close attention. Looks like Kansas walked off the court because they have been stuck at 22 for a long time and Carolina now has 38 with two minutes left in the half. They must be playing some defense which I cannot see just following the score on my I Pad.

Kansas finally scored a point with less than a minute left in first half. Half time 40 to 25. Wow! May try to go back to sleep. Wonder what’s the matter with Kansas? That ‘s a joke folks because the book What ‘s The Matter With Kansas? should be read by everyone interested in why our country is what it is.

Unbelievable, now 45 to 41. Looks like N.C. ate too much barbecue at halftime. Tied at 50. Glad I did not go to sleep. Hard to believe 65 to 61 Kansas with under five minutes left. What a game! Kansas comes back to win by 3 and spread was 4.


And now three whole Republicans will vote to confirm a Judge who should have been confirmed in a breeze. We really do stink.


Lindsey Graham is one horrible man.


Remember that crazy lawsuit Trump filed in Florida against Hilary Clinton? Trump’s lawyers, really bad people, are now moving to recuse the Judge Don Middlebrooks because he was appointed by Bill Clinton. I think they need much more than that, but it still will be interesting to see how the Judge handles it. Does the defense move to recuse if Trump appointed any successor?


Good day for me in stock market yesterday, solely due to Apple. I have been thinking about Biden’s views that these big companies should not be able to buy back their stock. As I get older, and my passive income becomes more important, I would now like to see Apple use some much larger part of its massive cash paying dividends to shareholders.


Went back to sleep until almost 9 a.m. Just waiting to see if anything major happened yesterday that I want to comment upon before posting this.


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