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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

A New York judge has held Donald Trump in contempt for failure to turn over documents. There are many kinds of contempt. Just by way of example, there is civil content, criminal contempt, direct or indirect contempt. Some forms of contempt are intended to punish. Other forms of contempt are intended to enforce or compel.

Trump has been held in civil contempt. He cannot go to jail. He is being fined $10,000 a day until he complies with the court’s subpoena to turn over documents. His lawyer claims he has none. Apparently, not everyone believes that.

I can just see Trump’s flock all upset that their billionaire leader needs money to pay this unjust fine imposed upon him by the liberal element out to ruin white America. I expect some children of these people will go hungry so that money can be given to Trump to fight this egregious wrong. It seems that our country is upside down. —————————- Yesterday, I did not lose money in the stock market. I did not make than enough to buy popcorn at the movies, but at least the hemorrhaging stopped for one day. ——————————- Yesterday was the 24th wedding anniversary of son Charles and his Wife Cindy. I am responsible for that marriage . I was invited to teach for a day or two, I do not remember, at a local law school. None of our three children were married and they were all considerably older than Barbara and I were when we got married. I was not happy.

The class I was lecturing to had many attractive woman students. Of course, I did not notice them, but had I done so, I would have concluded there was some inventory here for my very eligible son.

So, at the end of my teaching, I quipped (even though I was not grading the class, I was just a guest lecturer) “Anyone who wants a good grade see me after class, because I have a handsome, smart, unmarried son who can give me long-awaited grandchildren”.

A young man approached me and handed me a card. He said, “See that tall beautiful blond in the corner? She liked your sense of humor and would like to meet your son. Here is her name and number”. When I got back to the office, I gave Charles the card with Cindy’s name and number and said “Call her”. He did, and the rest is history.

Remember, I told you that I found my Father’s second Wife at a restaurant in New York ((Laurent) and I found our son’s Wife at a law school in Florida (St. Thomas). Move over Dolly Levi. ———————————— Is there anyone out there who believes Rick Perry? If so, I have a bridge to sell you. He claims that texts from his phone signed by him were not written by him. Another liberal witch-hunt is, obviously, afoot. ———————————- Slovenia, like France, rejected the far right, anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, let’s-dismantle- NATO forces. Still, lots of people voted for the far right. This is all very bad, in case you have not noticed. ——————————— Yesterday was a good day. Barbara and I walked with Mike and Jalayne back to the French Market. This time it was not raining. Nothing was purchased, but there were some nice booths. One should only buy unique things at these markets, because the cost to have a booth is so high the prices adjust upwards accordingly.

Barbara thought she found something for euros 20– some kind of cloth that goes under a tablecloth. Less than a minute later, she realized that what she bought did not fit. The seller refused to refund her money and take back the unopened purchase just made. I had been watching the making of what looked to be delicious crepes at a stand nearby. I went back and said to the man, “You have one minute to give my Wife back her money or I call the police”. The guy insisted on calling his boss who then came over and immediately gave Barbara back her money. ————————— Barbara and Jalayne then went for a long walk, uphill both ways in the snow, to Michelangelo Square. I took Mike on a little tour to show him the most famous panini shops, where hundreds of people were lined up to buy sandwiches, and to show him Gelateria Neri which I think has the best gelato in Florence. It was closed yesterday as were many places because it was a holiday -- Liberation Day.

One little gimmick in Florence, one that is fading but one still needs to ask, is that one is charged double the price for coffee if one sits down than if one stands at the bar. The vast majority of places stopped doing that, but not all. The first place Mike and I stopped for coffee still charged double to sit down even though the place was practically empty. In fact, the lady was kind of nasty about it. We left.

Most Florentine merchants could not be nicer or more accommodating. The next place we went, really a much nicer place, allowed us to sit down at no additional cost. I ordered cappuccino, Mike ordered a Diet Coke. Then Mike decided to have some scrambled eggs. They came with orange juice, toast and coffee. Mike does not drink coffee. The waiter then, totally gratuitously, said he would not charge me for my cappuccino, which costs twice what Mike’s coffee cost. How nice was that? ———————————— I have written this before, but it is worth repeating. Florentine law requires restaurants to post their menus and prices in a conspicuous place and to indicate on the menu with an * any frozen items. On the way home, I showed Mike a few examples of this. Mostly what is frozen is fish and seafood because Florence is not on the water. However, it is good to stay away from places that have a lot of frozen items. One of the things that makes the food so great is its freshness. ———————————— Nothing much happened the rest of the day. It got colder so I turned on the fireplace. Barbara mostly worked, and I just hung out with Mike and Jalayne. We did go across the street to the local grocery store to get a few things, but essentially just relaxed. No alcohol consumption. I was getting blood in my alcohol stream and needed a respite.

Spoke to David at some length. I had emailed him congratulations when he won 9 to 0 in Supreme Court, but we had not spoken because he immediately went into another hearing after SCOTUS ruled. There is still no one better than David Boies. ———————————— Barbara and I get our haircuts this morning. The barber lost his shop so he comes to our apartment. Then I expect we will be out and about for most of the day. I am very unhappy Musk got Twitter. My bet is Trump now will no longer be persona non grata. —————————— Go Ukraine

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