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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

It has occurred, probably only to me, that it is inherently unfair for those who embrace the concept of going back to the way things were 100 years ago, for those people to cherry pick what they want from that era and what is available to them in the modern era. Why should these, what I view as horrible human beings, be able to have electric, indoor plumbing, air conditioning, telephones, high speed postal service, and internet, just to mention a few? If they want things the way they used to be, put them all in the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, and let them enjoy themselves.


We spent a good part of the morning shopping so the apartment is sufficiently ready for our guests, who arrive before lunch tomorrow.


Listened to the Dorothy Louden album again because I had not put it away. Then I listened to the first half of a 4 CD album entitled “Frank Sinatra—A Voice In Time”. It was put out by RCA. Forget all the concept albums and the live concerts, which are unbelievably great, do not get me wrong. However, these recordings are beyond great. Sinatra’s voice was at its very best.

Each CD contains 20 recordings. The first is1939-1942 The Big Band Years. The second is 1943-1952 Teen Idol. The listening time is a little more than an hour. Next is 1943-1947, The Great American Songbook, and the fourth is 1949-1952, The Sound of Things to Come. No collection of Sinatra music is complete without this box set. Here is my take: virtually every recording is more than extraordinary. Each recording really sets the standard for how each song should be sung. Almost without exception, at the end of each song I said “that song just cannot be sung any better than that”. I cannot imagine that yesterday anyone listened to any music better than what Barbara and I listened to.


The Marlins did not lose. They did not play.


Good news: a Federal Judge has denied MTG’s motion to enjoin the lawsuit to remove her from office. The case can proceed. This may sound outlandish, but I can see the ignorant voters in Georgia try to reelect her after she is removed. If she is removed, the lawyers better make sure to include “and she can never hold public office again". That could happen automatically, depending on what she is convicted of.


A Federal Judge struck down the CDC mandate with respect to masks for travel. This Judge is 33 years old, way too young to be a Federal Judge, was appointed by a lame duck Trump and clerked for Clarence Thomas. The A.B.A. found her unqualified.

This is the kind of not-so-obvious damage Trump and McConnell did with judicial appointments. Of course, the three conservative justices on SCOTUS are obvious, but the damage they did filters all the way down through the federal judiciary and will have a long- lasting negative effect for liberals. Remember, these federal judges all have lifetime appointments.

This is another compelling reason that the Democrats need to stay in office. Time is needed to fill judicial appointments throughout the system who are going to cause our jurisprudence to swing back.


McConnell is taking Trump head-on in places like Alaska. McConnell super PAC just committed $7 million to help re-elect Senator Murkowski. Trump has endorsed her opponent.

I have said in several different contexts that Trump is way out of his league when he takes on Mitch McConnell. It is as bad as my getting in the ring with Mike Tyson. Expect Trump to get pummeled each time he goes after an incumbent Republican because McConnell has pledged to support every one of them. The only reason Trump is going after them is that he thinks they were not sufficiently loyal to him and did not buy into the Big Lie.


The Supreme Court did just rule, with Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch dissenting, against an Air Force officer who refused to be vaccinated. If I ever agreed with anything these three justices ruled, I do not remember. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.


Mike and Jalayne will arrive any minute so I will sign off.


Go Ukraine

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