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Thursday, September 29, 2022

One of my big questions is what lawyers will defend Trump in the $250 million civil lawsuit brought in New York. Trump is no “box of chocolates” in any way shape or form.

Throughout my career, representing some of the richest, smartest, most powerful clients in their divorces or marriage contracts, it was important to convey the message that I “represent ” them, I do not “work for" them That is an important distinction.

Hell, the D.O.J. had to ask the special master for a one day extension because none of the five vendors approached wanted to work with Trump to digitize the Mar-a-Lago documents.

Reportedly, Trump’s big time lawyer Chris Kise, who left his law firm to take a purportedly $3 million, has already been sidelined and shifted away from the Mar-a-Lago probe. Kise is considered a serious white collar lawyer, and by normal standards the one who should be in charge.

My sense is there will be many more changes in Trump’s counsel than there were in Elizabeth Taylor’s bed. The joke was that one night Richard Burton got up to go to the bathroom and said to his Wife Taylor, “Save my place”.


If I limited my post to what happened yesterday, I would write about the hurricane but I have nothing I want to say. I did see that DeSantis sent a letter to President Biden asking that all of Florida be declared an emergency zone.

I also read that about 60% of Republicans do not think Biden was duly elected. They have no evidence of course, but who needs evidence? The man with the orange hair told them the election was stolen and that is enough. Last I heard, not a single Republican has declined to accept Biden’s assistance.

What is noteworthy is that yesterday I did not see one picture of Trump. Yeah!


Judge hit his 61st home run. Congratulations!


Disgusting to watch Marlins blow a 4-0 lead and lose 5 -4 in 10th.


With the pound so weak against the dollar, I considered spending a few days in London when we were over in Italy after the election. I love lots of things about London and going to the theatre is one of them. Maybe I missed something, but I did not see any musical or play that got me excited.

There was a time when just eating in what I think is the best Chinese restaurant in the world outside of China would have been enough reason to go to London, but those times are gone. Restaurant is Hunan on Pimlico Road. More than once I ate both lunch and dinner there .


Mackenzie Scott’s second marriage lasted less than two years. Would love to see the prenuptial agreement.


Talked to my friend Stefano who lives in Florence. It was the first time we had spoken since Italy got a new right wing government. I learned a small part of what I need to learn before expressing any views.

Florence has been very busy. Stef’s hotel has been fully booked almost every night.


Looks to be a bad day in the market.


Will Tua play tonight? Waddle and Howard also not 100%.


Remember 64% of Republicans want us to be a Christian country. Happy New Year.

Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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