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Thursday, September 22, 2022

There is an old joke that is in such poor taste that even I cannot tell it anymore but for those who recall really poor taste jokes from our immature days and thought the jokes were funny, the punchline is “Lady, this just isn’t going to be your day”. Well, Wednesday just was not Donald Trump’s day.

First, he and some of his kids and others got hit with a 220-page civil complaint in New York seeking $250 million. I am told there is enough meat in this Complaint that not only could Trump be put out of business in New York and pay millions, but there also seems to be enough for both I.R.S and the U.S. Attorney to bring criminal charges.

Trump showed no remorse. Instead he claimed this lawsuit was just another witch-hunt brought by a racist Attorney General who happens to be Black. Arguably, that statement is not one that could be helpful to Trump.

Still some things do not make sense. One allegation is that Trump represented his apartment was about 30,000 square feet when it was actually less than 11,000. Hell, I once refinanced my house, and the bank demanded a survey and a complete inspection of the premises. I doubt contributory negligence is a defense, but lenders duped by Trump do not seem to be the brightest lights in the chandelier.

The media is labeling it “a monster lawsuit”.


Then, the 11th Circuit taking about 24 hours from the filing of the last brief, slammed Judge Cannon’s opinion in a 29-page opinion that essentially said, “No way”. Two of the three judges on the panel were Trump appointments and the Order was unsigned. That means there can be no en banc hearing, so Trump’s only recourse is an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court.

Still lots of things can happen, but this was a huge defeat for Trump. Wonder what the Master’s role will be now.


Go figure. Trump, who was not invited to the Queen’s funeral, claims he would have had better seats than the Bidens, who sat in the 14th row. Can anyone explain how that makes sense?

That is funnier than the golf lesson joke from yesterday.

I really think the medical schools should consider throwing out their entire curriculum for Psychiatric residencies and replacing them with books tracking Donald Trump’s thought processes and actions. Every mental and emotional disorder in existence is right there.


I think an argument can be made that the only issue the Democrats need to rely on is the abortion issue and the slippery slope we would all be on if our independent right were taken from us. However, I listened to President Biden address the United Nations, and it is clear to me that we are far better off on the international stage with Biden than any Republican and probably any Democrat. Half of us in our country may not respect Biden, but the majority of the rest of the world does .

We do not need a grandstander. We need a diplomat experienced in international affairs who knows and is respected by the other leaders in the world and who is focused on getting the job done rather than demonstrating how much another leader loves him.


I just love how the Republicans can dish it out without blinking an eye or demonstrating a scintilla of good conscience, but they sure cry like babies when what they inflict on the Democrats is inflicted on them.

I am talking specifically about the fact that House Democrats joined by only nine Republicans passed a bill to reform the Electoral Count Act. Nebraska Republican Don Bacon whines, “It’s typical Nancy Pelosi : Shove it down your throat." These same Republicans sure had no problem shoving three ultra-conservative Supreme Court justices down our throats -- or maybe "up our asses" is more accurate.


I understand Ginni Thomas is going to meet with the January 6 Committee. Anyone think she will tell the truth?


The euro was $.98 against the dollar early today. I wish I had more cash than I do because it is hard to think the dollar will get much stronger.


I have nothing to say about the Marlins losing another one-run game or giving up three runs in the 8th inning.


All of the foregoing was written before I thought I would be going to sleep. Somewhere around 10 p.m. Marc Brawer sent me the entire 29-page opinion from the 11th Circuit, which I stayed up and read . It will be a long time before a meaningful assessment can be made of what happened yesterday. Here are just some of my initial thoughts.

1. I doubt there are many written opinions by a Federal appeals court that treated a district court judge’s opinion as harshly as this one. Cannon’s career as a jurist is essentially ruined. If I were she, I would enter an order of recusal and walk away from this case. I might even resign altogether. The 11th Circuit opinion really humiliated her at every turn. There was nothing she did that they agreed was right. “We disagree” is everywhere, and remember, this opinion came immediately. I would not be surprised if the drafting began before the case was fully briefed.

2. Predicting the future is something dangerous to do, but if I were Donald Trump, I would try to cut a deal and withdraw from public life. I have no idea if he will be indicted but the evidence is there to do so.

3. Knowing how much Biden wants to try to bring this Nation together, i would never bet against him pardoning Trump.

4. It looks like the Rule of Law has survived at least for now. Two Trump appointees did what was clearly the right thing I confess that I was scared to death that the 11th Circuit would go into the tank to save Cannon and pay back Trump. It did not happen.

5. Trump went on television yesterday and made a total fool of himself. He will apparently say anything no matter how foolish it is and he makes things worse for himself virtually every time he opens his mouth. He will could now be on the brink of total ruin.

6. Keep September 22, 2022 in your mind because it could well be the date that a Former President began a journey that results in total ruin for himself and his family. This could well be the day when over 30 years of getting away with one corrupt act after another has finally caught up to him.

7. It will be interesting to see what happens with Trump’s present legal team. I would not be surprised if it were to dismantle. No lawyer worth anything will put into court papers the kinds of things Trump says.

8. They may be horrible but Senators like Cruz and Hawley both clerked at the United States Supreme Court. They are very smart and it will be amazing to me if they and others continue to support Trump. DeSantis has to be licking his chops because his number one opponent could be going on life support very soon. If I were close to Trump, I would start looking for the best Hospice. Trump could well look back at yesterday as the worst day of his life even worse than losing the election


There is real trouble in Russia. Putin is getting desperate.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depends on it.

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