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Thursday, October 26, 2023

esterday was a better day for the Millers in Italy than it was for our country. We have a new Speaker, an election denier that stands for everything Democrats hate. The man is a disaster and it may well be that we are better off with a government shutdown than a government it looks like we will have with the new Speaker. Biden may have to make a side deal with our allies to advance the funds necessary to meet our commitments to aisrael and Ukraine, and pay them back after the 2024 election when, hopefully, the electorate will have had it with the Republican House, and allow the Democrats to do what the majority of Americans want. In the meantime, millions will just have to keep their heads down and try to weather the storm. Gays, women who want to control their reproductive rights, immigrants, any non white heterosexual who is not a Christian or who believes in our constitutional freedoms have no reason for optimism. Trump has to be jailed. He is still running the Republican Party which means a true lunatic is in control. Yesterday he was fined another $10,000. Pray he keeps screwing up and faces increasingly harsher sanctions, the ultimate of which is incarceration. —————————— In the meantime, more gun violence in Maine. Our gun laws must be strengthened but they new Speaker is a puppet of the NRA so do not hold your breadth. —————————- Word is that Willis is discussing plea bargains with six more defendants, but I have no idea of their identity. They would not be major players. —————————— There may be a resolution of the auto strike with Ford. It would come, ironically, just before the government shuts down ————————- Made it to market and back earlier today, about 3200 steps but it was not fun. Walking right now is a real chore ————————- I know I cannot walk to dinner. Last time I used Uber for this route, it was 27. Tonight they want 70 which is more than it cost to go to airport —————————

So yesterday, with our country going to hell in a hand basket, we had a great day on the “oil road” learning all abot the making of oil. We also had a very nice lunch and visited a great bakery in some little town. Near the oil, was a square which was famous Coor a lady who sold special cheese. We got lucky and reached her stand as she was closing down.

These days in the beautiful Tuscan countryside are memorable. Every little town has its own character, it’s own bread, cheese and wine. One is better than the other, and things are half the price than in Florence.

Refer to Barbara’s post for some interesting historical facts about where we were. We did not buy a lot of oil because last year’s was better, but we bought infused oil in various flavors such as garlic, lemon and pepper. It is very tasty, and before yesterday, neither of us had even heard of this kind of oil.

I had a good time, but Barbara had a great time and that is more important. She does so much for me, takes such good care of me that my priority, when it is possible, is for her to enjoy things. My mind is still sharp and I still have the desire to travel and have new experiences, but there are days when my body just lets me down. Compared to many of my friends, I am doing great, but the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. ————————- Tonight we have a couple coming to our apartment whom we befriended on our recent world cruise. They are decades younger, but I like them a lot. The three of us will then go to dinner as Barbara ate this week already. ———————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————— Go Ukraine


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