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Thursday, October 13, 2022

I want to credit my friend and colleague John Ellis for triggering this thought. In our respective family law practices, John’s primarily in California and mine in Florida, we often heard “I am not sure I am the Father," or some variation of that. Most all family law practitioners, at one time or another, are involved in paternity suits.

There is one foolproof way of establishing paternity -- a DNA test. Instead of Hershel Walker claiming it’s all a big lie, all he has to do is submit to a DNA test along with the Mother and child. The test does not lie. (sheep do, but not the test.)

Think about it, although not rocket science. If Walker is telling the truth, he has absolutely nothing to hide and should welcome a test. If I were his lawyer and thought he was telling the truth, I would not wait to be asked, I would offer.

And something should be said by our allegedly sophisticated media whether liberal or conservative. Why has not a single “talking head” raised the issue of a DNA test?


Trip back home from N.Y.C. could not have gone more smoothly. The new Terminal C at La Guardia is really nice. The Delta Sky Club is the nicest we have ever encountered.


Watched a really well-played baseball game. The Braves shut out the Phillies 3 to 0.


The Indiana Supreme Court has blocked the enforcement of the abortion ban while it considers whether that ban violates the Indiana Constitution. This is just a temporary decision but far better than a kick in the ass.


I have a few tickets left for Trump’s deposition, for which he was just ordered to sit in a defamation case against him. Whether the deposition actually takes place as now scheduled remains to be seen. Frankly, I have trouble figuring out how Trump has enough hours in each day to deal just with his legal matters. Probably his caddy is a lawyer.


How crazy is this? I need to go back to New York for a couple of days at the beginning of November. The best my very experienced travel agent could do for one ticket on Delta to LaGuardia was $2121. I am flying into Newark on United for $605.


It appears as if there is proof, by way of security cameras, that Trump himself supervised the moving of documents at Mar-a-Lago in defiance of the DOJ subpoena. People, whatever your political affiliation, Donald J. Trump should be in jail. If you or I did a small fraction of what he did, we would have been carted off long ago.


Euro is still $.97 against the dollar. The stock futures hardly matter. A good day is losing only a little.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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