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Thursday, November 3, 2022

I might have agreed that if the good sportsmanship demonstrated most of the time in sports spilled over into the political worlds, we would be better off. Not so. First, anti-Semitic signs after Georgia/Florida game, then fight after Michigan/Michigan State game. Now, I just read that two Philadelphia restaurants refused to serve dinner to the Astros. Guess they could have fed them with poisoned food.


Now Trump has sued New York’s Attorney General in Palm Beach Circuit Court to halt review of his personal trust. There cannot be enough hours in the day for all this litigation.

Trump, however, also settled a lawsuit yesterday paying an undisclosed amount to settle an assault suit that led to a revelation he was afraid he might be killed by a piece of fruit.


8581 steps yesterday.


Did watch the last several innings of World Series. Exciting to watch Astros throw a no hitter to tie the Series at 2 and 2.


Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points for fourth consecutive time. Enough already..

Because of this move, dollar stronger -- $0.98 v. Euro.


Kari Lake denied that she made light of the attack on Paul Pelosi. Anderson Cooper of CNN says “no way”. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, neither Trump nor Trump Jr have done anything but make fun of this matter, nor have they or any Republican condemned the growing anti-semitism .


I missed President Biden’s speech last night but read about it. I hope people paid attention to his wisdom but I am not optimistic.


Fly home later today. Very busy time in our household.


Had lunch yesterday at one of my favorite places: The Oyster Bar at Grand Central. Food still great, but the prices for oysters are far from the bargain they used to be. Oh well, other than at happy hours, it is tough to find a oyster in NYC that is not at least $3.00 and I would estimate $4.00 is the most common price. Still, The Oyster Bar was mobbed.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life and our democracy depends upon it.

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