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Thursday, March 31, 2022

In the scheme of all that is happening in the world, hardly anyone paid attention to Biden’s signing into law a bill that makes lynching a federal hate crime. One would think no one would oppose this, right? Wrong. Three members of the House voted against the bill: Andrew Clyde of Georgia, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, and Chip Roy of Texas. Would love to ask the reasons for their opposition.

Clyde is the guy who thought the January 6 attack on the Capitol resembled a ”normal tourist visit”. Massie voted “present” on the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, the only member of the House to do so, and the only Republican not to vote against it. He was the only member of the House to vote against extending sanctions on Iran. Roy’s Covid positions were outrageous and he was one of the first to resist wearing a mask. At one time, he was Chief of Staff for Ted Cruz -- so no more needs to be said


Wake up people! The Republican platform, if they have one, raises taxes on those making less than $100,000, eliminates Medicare and Medicaid, eliminates the Affordable Care Act, AND eliminates social security. I kid you not. Better start paying attention.


If Mo Brooks is willing to testify before the January 6 Commission, let him. I cannot believe the the Chairman is skeptical. I do not care what Brooks’ motives are, if he tells the truth, that is all that counts. Give me a f-—-g break.


A major Biden appointment to confirm: David Weil’s for a major role in the Labor. Department. It will lose because Senators Manchin, Sinema and Kelly voted against the nomination. Obviously, all Republicans were against the appointment. Washington insiders think this is a significant defeat for Biden, who does not deserve it.


In one sports surprise, Bruce Arians resigned as head coach of the Buccaneers. He is going to the front office, and Todd Bowles Will takeover. We now have a sixth Black NFL coach. The Rooney Rule was waved. Wonder how Brady feels about it.

And here's a move that was no surprise at all. As soon as the St. Peter’s Cinderella run ended, its head coach was hired away by Seton Hall. He came from Seton Hall, which is in South Orange, New Jersey, where I grew up. Seton Hall has always had a major college basketball presence. I would watch them practice as a kid.

If I were the Chiefs, I would take a hard look at DeVante Parker. He is better than what he demonstrated as a Dolphin.


Repeating myself, people, you really need to be disturbed that Trump is communicating with Putin, not to try to broker peace, but to get dirt on Joe Biden. Where are you so-called Patriots?

Second, over seven hours of Trump’s telephone records missing from January 6!!!!!! What was the gap in the Nixon Watergate tape --18 minutes?

I just cannot believe how dumb we are.

Go Ukraine

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