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Thursday, March 10, 2022

A friend called me with a question about divorce. I answered the question. He wrote and thanked me and asked that I not tell anyone. I replied “who would I tell?”.

That reminded me of the 80 year old Jewish man who walks up to a total stranger in the park and says “I just made love to a beautiful 23 year old woman”. The stranger replies “why are you telling me?” The old Jew says “I’m telling everyone”.


A plane carrying Donald Trump made an emergency landing due to engine failure.


Russia is bombing children’s hospitals. How many of your think that if Putin is going to do, he is not going to stop with Ukraine?

President Zelensky put it very succinctly, “how much longer will the world be an accomplice to these atrocities?”

No one, obviously, wants a nuclear or any war. Is there anything short of the United States being attacked that would cause us to have a no fly zone? Putin is certainly escalating things.

Query: what happens if Putin tells Biden to stop providing any kind of aid to Ukraine or it will mean war. What do we do? If we know that Putin is getting ready to attack us, do we wait for him to do it or do we try to beat him to the punch? There is no easy answer. Every option has advantages and disadvantages. What if Biden says to Putin “stop killing children and bombing hospitals and nuclear facilities or we will consider it an act of war?”


I finally got my blood test results. Not great but not too bad. They are going to watch a few things over the next couple of months.


Great day in stock market on Wednesday. Today, futures down a non trivial amount.

Apparently, they are going to ban the shift in baseball. I am not positive what that means. It may mean that no infielders can have even a foot in the outfield. Sucherman or Snyder will know if it also means all the infielders cannot be on one side of second base or the other.

Meantime, they are worried where the players can be positioned, but not whether there will be a baseball season. Cannot put all the blame on one side, but most of the blame I put on the owners.

I am sure, however, that no one in Ukraine cares. (I know Maria, no one sentence paragraphs.)


Went to the Heat game with daughter Beth last night. The Heat lost in a squeaker by 21 points. By the end of the 3rd quarter, the place emptied out.


Dinner with grandson Jaden tonight. Always fun to hear his views. He wants to teach history and I think he will be great.


Have a nice day

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