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Thursday, June 30, 2022

All indications are that Biden is doing a terrific job in Europe. I would be scared to death if control of our foreign relations were be controlled by the Republicans. ————————— I was really happy to see that Nancy Pelosi received Communion from the Vatican. I think her local Archbishop was 100% wrong. —————————- Republican Lauren Boebert of Colorado is one scary lady. She says she is tired of all this separation between church and state. It seems that I just want to keep saying, “Wow”. She thinks the church should direct the government. Thomas wants to just take us back to a time when his own marriage would be illegal. This Boebert wacko wants to take us back hundreds of years. ————————- The Supreme Court has ruled 5 to 4 that states can be sued for discriminating against veterans. Breyer wrote the opinion joined by the other two liberals, Roberts and Kavanaugh. Breyer is leaving the Court this week, but I doubt you will see many decisions where both Roberts and Kavanaugh will join the liberal wing to produce a decision. I am pleased with this outcome because I think our veterans deserve to be treated far better than they are. One for the good people. —————————— I watched Fox News for about 10 minutes between 5:15 and 5:25 p.m. They do not believe a word to which Cassidy Hutchinson testified under oath. One lady was really obnoxious, maintaining there was no cross examination, and therefore she cannot be believed. There were a couple of panelists who admitted that she sounded credible to them.

One point made that could have some merit is, they claim, that the Committee never asked the Secret Service about what they claim happened. Of course, if these Secret Service people offered to come and testify under oath, I have to believe they would be welcome to do so.

Most of the panel demeaned Hutchinson at every turn saying she was a complete nobody and lied so she could now write a book and never have to buy a drink again. One thing is clear. The fat lady is not even close to singing. —————————————- No surprise. Ginni Thomas has changed her mind about testifying. That whole Thomas situation is one for the books. Think Thomas ever bought condoms? —————————— My bet is that I am going to take a flyer and do 12 one-hour podcasts. I have to pick the guests, pick the same day and time each week, and write out the questions. Perhaps my biggest talent throughout my life has been to recognize the really talented. My best friend in prep school, in college, and in law school was always the smartest one. I cannot sing but I know who can and I can select the songs that suit that singer’s style the best.

I once saw the great singer Carmen McRae at the Fairmont in San Francisco. Then, by coincidence, I sat next to her on a plane from San Francisco to New Orleans. I wrote out two or three sets for her consider singing, and, for some songs, my preferred tempo. She loved my suggestions and said that, with a few changes moving things around a little, she would take my suggestions.

There are few singers, McRae and Nina Simone being exceptions, that were great singers who were also great accompanying themselves on the piano. It is hard enough to concentrate on singing or playing. Imagine how hard it is to do both well.

Anyway, I now have to pick guests. I can have multiple guests separately or together in the same hour. I doubt I would have separate guests but I can see a panel. For example, talking about Sinatra with Will Freedwald, Chuck Granata and Jim Kaplan.

I am open to suggestions from my readers with respect to any aspect of the podcasts. ————————- I admonish you all about the following: those of you who do not like the way things are heading keep saying, “Vote the bad ones out of office, the answer is at the ballot box”.

Folks, it ain’t at the ballot box if the votes are not cast and then not fairly counted. The Republicans are better organized, more enthusiastic, and willing to lie and cheat. The Democrats have to come out to vote in droves and keep hammering on the abortion issue, on the facts that Republicans do not care about what their own constituents want, that their social security and Medicare benefits would be in jeopardy. —————————— In a speech last night, Cheney called Trump “dangerous and irrational”. That is as good as any summary.

She added, “Republicans cannot be loyal to Donald Trump and be loyal to the Constitution”. ————————- Marlins pulled off a one-run win with a two-run home run in the 9th.

Chisholm on injured reserve for ten days which weakens team considerably.

Alcantara pitched whole game. —————————— Trainer again in a couple of hours. —————————— Go Ukraine

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