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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Even though I am in charge of humor, and my sister always laughs no matter how many times I tell her the same joke, what follows below comes from my sister, and, unfortunately, it is both funny and true.

“Medicare Part G:

You are a senior citizen requiring Long-Term Care, and no nursing home care is available.

Solution: opt for Medicare Part G.

As a participant, and you must be 75 or older, you get a gun with one bullet. You shoot and kill one politician and are sentenced to life imprisonment.

You now will receive three meals a day a place to live a tv and a library and whatever health care you need. Your children and grandchildren can come and visit as often as they do now.

Who is paying for this?

The same government who told you they can’t afford to send you to a nursing home.

And you get rid of a useless politician, and pay no taxes.

Great country, America!


Am I the only one who is tired of getting multiple life and death emails each day from MOVE ON? Yes, every seat in the Senate is crucial. Some races are closer than others. Every candidate always needs money, but, seriously, there cannot be a crisis every hour .

The facts, in my opinion at least, require that each race be looked at differently depending on what will motivate the voters to come out and vote. Different issues are important in Ohio than in Georgia. These are not one-size-fits-all races.

There could come a time when money becomes a major factor but each side has a fortune. It is how that money is spent that is important. Anyway, I am now just glancing at about a third of what they send me.

One more little rant on a related subject: who had the brilliant idea of asking for money to impeach Clarence Thomas? I am not an oddsmaker, but I would not bet $10 of my dollars to hundreds of millions of yours that the United States Senate would convict Thomas and give Biden another appointment, even if the House voted to impeach. What a hair-brained idea that is, and now I am expected to take seriously other requests?. Remember the saying “From the same country that gave you Pearl Harbor”?


We are treated by the politicians as if we were stupid. For once they are right. We are stupid and the proof is we elected them


I have a very serious question for everyone who reads this: are you interested in the United States being a Democracy? Just yes or no, please. No speeches or lectures or stating why or what needs to be done. I am simply asking a question which takes one word to answer.

Opportunities to explain your answer will be provided.


What a terrible Marlin game. Lost 3 to 1 on a three run homer with two out in bottom of 9th. Rookie pitcher showed a lot of guts and deserved better.


I did my first exercise yesterday. It was not much but very helpful and proved that my further rehabilitation is really up to me. Barbara did everything possible for five full weeks and now I have to take over. Easier said than done because I hate pain.


New air conditioning went in yesterday. Took three people all day, but it's up and running.


Barbara has asked me to accompany her Friday to a political event for the Governor of Florida’s race. I have not yet made up my mind if I want to go. I can probably summon up enough charm, but getting dressed and traveling is still not easy. It will be a last minute decision for me.


As we speak, the euro is below $1.04 to the dollar. Very low but I still maintain parity is the best way to go.


Thought maybe yesterday’s rally in the stock market after Fed acted would carry over. Not to be. The futures this morning are down as I write this almost 600. Oh well.


Go Ukraine.

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