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Thursday, July 6, 2023

If you every want to see a bunch of adults acting like total children, and I am not counting grown people supporting a lunatic for President, watch a bunch of baseball fans go apeshit crazy trying to a T shirt that the Marlin management tosses to the fans at each game. One would think they were throwing out $10,000 bearer bonds.


I am considering putting in my name to serve on a to be formed Unconstitutional Revision Commission reputed to be formed by DeSantis.


Think a 10 to 9 victory because the Cardinals made a two run error in the bottom of the 9th was an exciting game? It was an ugly win but that is far better than a pretty loss.

Went with Daughter Beth, grandson Blake and his visiting friend Logan. Tonight go with Beth’s husband Walter and one of his business associates. Good thing is I do not have to drive. It is not easy particularly going to the game.


Appears some cocaine was found in the White House. Trump is already blaming Joe and Hunter Biden. The President was not in the White House and I would put the odds at about two million to a dollar that either Biden was involved. The facts, however, have never bothered Trump before so why now?


I have never plugged a business with who I have done business, but I make an exception here. We bought two refrigerators recently, one a small relatively inexpensive in for our gym and the other a Sub Zero which must be ordered and take up to a year to receive. We bought both items from Fuse in Oakland Park. Everything was handled impeccably, at least so far.

A visit to the showroom is essential. Our salesperson was very knowledgeable and very patient. There was not a scintilla of pressure. Once we made our selections, the paperwork was done efficiently in every respect.

Today, right on time the small refrigerator was delivered and installed by three very good delivery people. Everything was done with a smile and exactly as it should have been. I can recall any South Florida merchant who did things exactly right in all respects from beginning to end.


Saturday, I leave to go to San Francisco and other points West. This trip was set months and months ago and now the time has arrived. Funny, how time slips away.


Life was much easier on the cruise ship. Taking a long trip as we did is a totally different experience then a cruise of say two weeks. I can see why so many people, who can afford to do it, spend most of their time cruising.

Many friends tell me they could never spend that much time on a ship, but the majority who hold that opinion have never tried. Cruising is not, admittedly, for everyone, but, then again, nothing is.


Time is passing by far too fast. However, one advantage of this is that, hopefully, we are one day closer each day to nailing Donald Trump and watching DeSantis go down in flames. They both scare the, living shit out of me as does our Supreme Court and some of these other conservative Trump appointees.


I might get lucky and get Barbara to go to the Phillies game with me Friday night. Watch carefully. No one is going to beat Atlanta, but the Marlins and the Phillies is going to be the key rivalry the second half of the season.


Do not expect a good stock market today.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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