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Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Republican National Committee has told Trump that, if he becomes a candidate for President in 2024, they will no longer pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in his legal fees.


Author Stuart Woods has died. He really was not a very good writer, but he sold millions of books because his characters were so outlandish that it was fun to read about their sexual and other exploits. His most famous character is Stone Barrington. There are over 60 books with just this character.


It did not break my heart to learn that Justice Thomas will no longer be teaching at George Washington Law School. It is almost certain that his growing unpopularity is not making any kind of meaningful impression upon him, but I still hope Thomas and Alito, particularly, suffer as much misery as possible. However much misery that is, it will be nothing compared to the misery they have caused others.


Marlins lost 5 to 3, giving up four runs in the first inning. Looks like some dismantling is about to take place.


If anyone reading this is planning to take a cruise on the Sojourn from Seabourn, please contact me by messenger.


Lunch at Abe and Louie’s yesterday was only okay. The service is always excellent and the quality of the food is always very good. They did a little price gouging. In order to stay on low sodium, and seeing they had a chicken breast sandwich, I asked them for two plain chicken breasts cooked without salt, with nothing else but some grilled onions and coleslaw. I was charged $13 for the coleslaw and $2.50 for one tablespoon of onions. They brought me about a pound of slaw and I left 75% of it. I ate all the onions.


Market did well yesterday. After close today, Apple announces its earnings. Almost never does stock move up after announcement no matter how good.


Happy to see Biden tested negative.


Really important that CHIPS Bill garnered 17 Republican votes and passed the Senate. It should get through House end be signed by President in due course.


Keep your fingers crossed, but Manchin and Schumer may have a deal that would address inflation. I have no idea where Sinema is on this Bill.


The Senate Republicans made a mistake killing a bill that hurts the Veterans. I hope the Veterans remember..


I expect many of you have seen ads on television for generators. Surprisingly, we never had one despite having a lot of wine at home, and living in an area where electrical loss is not uncommon. So, we finally decided to buy a generator. That was easier said than done.

Putting aside compliance with various laws, there is a wait of almost a year to get the generator. I understand we are now less than a month away, but I am not holding my breath. By the way, it ain’t cheap.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depends upon it.

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Carolyn Hardy
Carolyn Hardy
29 jul 2022

💯Truth!! Right you are Jim…..we must Vote as if our lives depend on it……because it does!!!

Me gusta
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