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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Most of you in the States are probably not nearly as interested in the World Cup as elsewhere, but for those interested at all, there are now eight teams left. As best I can tell, the consensus is that these these eight teams rank as follows:

8. Morocco

7. Croatia

6. The Netherlands

5. Portugal


3. England

2. France

1. Brazil

This is an extremely strong field. To give you an idea, Morocco’s defense has given up only one goal in four games. The best match coming up could be on Saturday between England and France. Bad timing for me because it is unbelievable fun to be in a country when a World Cup is played, and we do not get to France until Sunday.

We have concert tickets here in Florence on late Saturday. It would be a hassle and maybe not even possible, but I would not need a big push to go to Paris earlier and sit in a sports bar.

In a sense, the idea is crazy and I expect many of you are thinking, “What are these octogenarians even thinking?” But guess what? When I said to Barbara, “Will you listen to a hair-brain idea I just thought of?”, she listened and said “I love it, we needed another day in Paris”.

So, now I will see if our hotel is available, if we can change the airline. Barbara says she can do it even though we are committed with several others to a play on Friday night. Another possible adventure.


I want to talk some more about the importance and ramifications of the Democratic win in Georgia. One point often made is that now Joe Manchin is neutralized. That is correct, but I am very uncomfortable, as much as I have cursed out Manchin, in attacking the man. That is not Biden’s style, and it should not be the approach of the Democratic Party. The Democrats do not want Manchin switching parties and they are not going to do better in West Virginia.

The most important person neutralized is Mitch McConnell. Schumer no longer has to deal with him. The Democrats get an extra seat on each committee and can schedule the business of the Senate without kowtowing to McConnell.

For me, the fact that now Biden can get confirmed about 80 federal judicial appointments is huge. These appointments will go a long way to change the face of the federal judiciary. This is the kind of turnaround that will affect our country, I think in an enormously positive way, for decades.

Warnock has been impressive. The man has to be exhausted. It is about time the Democrats caught a break.


Talk about “the impossible dream”, not only do I want McCarthy to lose the speakership, I want half a dozen Republicans to see Jesus and decide to switch parties voting in Jeffries as "Speaker”. While I am dreaming, I want Thomas and Alito to disappear.


I am really pleased Judge remains a Yankee even though $360 million is obscene. It is not, however, any more obscene than $200 million. Okay, he is a great ball player, but our teachers can hardly make ends meet.


I have not yet summoned up enough energy to discuss Moore v Harper. A decision is expected in June unless it is leaked earlier.


Yesterday Barbara had a really good time at San Ambrosia Market. They were very busy and there was some really great food of all kinds. My glasses arrived and we picked them up on the way home. I can now see much better. Had our haircuts between 2 and 3. Then went out shopping and got Barbara fully dressed for upcoming cruise.

Saw the Christmas tree lit in Duomo Square. Barbara posted picture which I shared.

Had just under 10,000 steps and did quite well.


Waiting for Trump to be indicted. The issue of Presidential immunity was argued in Court of Appeals yesterday. Can the law really protect any President if he is intimately involved in burning down the Capitol? I sure hope not.


Son Steven is housebound for about six weeks. Seems to be recovering well. Bobby, on the other hand, may or may not be doing better, assuming better is even in the cards. However, he is so antsy that he is basically in the category of incorrigible patients, as he has no patience. A little play on words.


Anyone surprised they found more classified documents in Trump’s storage? I ask again, why is not this man already in jail? We would be.


Go Ukraine.

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