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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Understand Trump’s major defense is “I relied on legal advice”. It is no surprise he intends to throw his lawyers under the bus. He would throw under the bus hiss kids, his Wife, anyone who could save his skin.


Very, very bad day in the market yesterday


Hard day today. I am being deposed, for the fourth time, in a case that has been going on since my Bar Mitzvah.


Beth and I left Marlins game disgusted when they were behind 5 to 0 Marlins then got 2 runs in 6th and 2 in 8th to make it 5 to 4 They tied it in 9th. Then Phillies came back with 2 in 10th but Marlins tied it in 11th, each team scored once. Finally Phillies held in 12th and we scored to win 9 to 8. Maybe most important win of season. New acquisition Josh Bell got 4 hits and Burger got 2. Robertson, however, has blown two saves giving up two run home runs twice.

Saw six games in row but miss today’s day game. If Marlins can even series, we will have avoided disaster.


Today Trump appears in court in Washington. Should be interesting.


Mike Pence finally called out Trump yesterday. I loved it.


On top of all his other woes, Giuliani is being sued for sexual harassment. I remember when “Sue” used to be a proper name, but now it is a verb.


Good luck Kasey at volleyball.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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