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Thursday, April 28, 2020

I had another strong and fun day on Wednesday. Got in over 10,000 steps, first going to the dry cleaners and then for a walk with Barbara. She found some napkins she liked and two nice tops to wear. I found a nice blue shirt for euros 45 which you can see me wearing at dinner. With the euro $1.06, it is a good time to shop. Too bad the stock market is tanking.


Gene and Linda Davidson arrive today for just a four day visit. We all went to Michigan together. Gene and I were fraternity brothers. He was originally from Toledo but settled in Atlanta to set up his general surgery practice. When my sister needed surgery, I took her to Atlanta for Gene to operate on her. There was no one better. Gene is now still very active but fully retired from practice.

Everyone gets along very well. Barbara and Gene know each other since 1958 and she met Linda about a year later. The were in different sororities, but friends from basically the beginning of college. I told you before, I don’t like change. The people I liked over 60 years ago, I still like.

Instead of going out tonight, we will have the Wheatleys, now at a hotel, Gabriella and Gianni, Stefano and Luca, and Robin to the apartment. Most of what we are serving I cannot eat, but I will have a great time anyway.


Not sure if we are going to have any more guest(s) on this stay in Florence that ends May 20. We would ordinarily stay here until end of month, but Grandson Ryan graduates from high school on May 22, and we want to be there.


It should come as no surprise that Trump is appealing the decision that he is in civil contempt of court. I was wrong to write that the $10,000-a-day in fines starts next Tuesday. It already started. What I do not know is whether there is or will be a stay while the appeal proceeds.


How can the Republican Caucus give Kevin McCarthy a standing ovation? Lying and cheating are, obviously, just par for the Republican course.


The Marlins won their 4th in a row on the road and are one game above .500. They only scored 2 runs on 4 hits, but Washington was worse. They have now lost six or seven in a row.

I started going regularly to baseball games in 1947. The Yankees ruled baseball in this era. It was the Washington Senators then, not the Nationals. Old Timers should remember “first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League."

Ironically, all that has changed is that now Washington is ”last in war, last in peace, and last in the American League”. They are also last in honesty, ethics, patriotism, integrity, and everything else many of us were taught to think important qualities.


I have no facts to substantiate this statement. My opinion is totally instinctive. I think something big and bad is going to come from Putin in the very near future. He never dreamed that he would be fighting Ukraine for this long, that Ukraine would put up the resistance it has, or that most of the world would line up against him. He did not get to where he is by being passive. I hope we are ready for anything because anything is not impossible.


Off to the Central Market with Barbara to get ready for tonight. Unfortunately, I have to be pretty much of a spectator and a bartender at my own party because I am not happy about not losing more weight over the last three days of being very active, not drinking and being quite careful about my caloric intake.


Go Ukraine.

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