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Sunday, September 25, 2022

I lost three pounds on Saturday. I didn’t really lose this weight but I thought about it, and that should be enough Hell, if Trump can declassify documents by thinking about it, I should be able to lose weight the same way.


Most of Saturday morning I either exercised or made sangria. The last three days I have extended my time on the treadmill from 20 to 30 minutes which is a substantial improvement.

I then watched the first half of the Michigan game, which they ultimately won but not that impressively. Then I helped Barbara pack up and set off for her Democracy Day sangria party, which was a big success. I hope I am right, because I heard many phone calls and the electorate seems to be realizing just what a disaster we will have if the Republicans win.

I got home in time to watch Alcantara pitch another gem, this time for 8 innings. Marlins won. Tomorrow Barbara and I go to Dolphin game with daughter Beth and husband Walter. Club 72 menu says they will have oysters but they said it before and did not.

So, Saturday was really uneventful. Barbara worked really hard, as always, and got great results. In the world of politics, it is impossible to get along with everyone and there are too many petty jealousies. Barbara has had great success over many decades. Not that there were not bumps in the road as there were, and from time to time still are. However, all she does is for the greater good and there is a not a person alive whose conduct has been more exemplary. There are only a handful around who can match her


I want to repeat what I said yesterday, and I may repeat it everyday until the election: 64% of Republicans want the United States to be a Christian country. People, if that does not scare the living shit out of you, nothing will.


Normally, between 40 and 50 people respond in some manner to my daily posts and a couple of you share each post. Somehow, and I think it was my writing about my Granddaughter being admitted to nursing school, over 90 of you took the time to acknowledge the post and a half a dozen shared it. That was really very nice and I appreciate each of you who took the time to acknowledge what I wrote.


The only additional thing of substance I want to note before posting this is that I saw that an arch-conservative Arizona judge entered an order enforcing a law from the Civil War era which essentially bans all abortions. Hopefully, that will be dealt with.


I wish my Jewish friends a Happy New Year, even those of you who have lost your way and are Republican. To you I do add these questions:

1. Should a person be allowed to marry the person they love?

2. If the life of the woman you love were in danger if she did not have an abortion, what would you do if abortion were totally banned?

3. Are you safe living in a Country where almost two thirds of your Party wants this (the U.S.) to be Christian (and if you add “white” and “heterosexual,” a much higher percentage)?


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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