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Sunday, October 16, 2022

With one exception, Saturday was a great day for me personally, but it was a terrible day for the world and a terrible day in Florida.

My technical skill set is too limited to repost this morning’s letter by Heather Cox Richardson. However, I know many of my readers receive her newsletter and, hopefully, one or more will post that article in a manner that I can then share it with everyone who reads my blog.

More locally, pay attention to the rising anti-semitism in our Country, and more particularly in Florida. The blame can be squarely put on the shoulders of Governor DeSantis who has empowered and supported white supremacists. Please take a careful look at these issues.


For me personally, my very nice car was hit, I think in a parking lot and almost demolished the left side of the car. My lease is up in a few months and I am going to buy this car. It will cost a fortune to have the repairs done properly.

On the other hand, Michigan beat Penn State handily and Granddaughter Kasey Caryl Sabrin did wonderfully well with her Bat Mitzvah. We did not get home until after midnight. Kasey is named for Caryl Boies who was mine for all practical purposes, like a second daughter to us and Very, very close to our Daughter Beth. Kasey was adopted at birth and someday I hope Beth will write a book about the experience. It is a fascinating story.

Kasey has met her birth mother, who had three other children, and one of her half-sisters came from Arizona to attend the Bat Mitzvah. Barbara and I said to her, “Would you like to meet your new grandparents?” Families can be complicated and it is not always smooth sailing. There were some disappointments internally, but overall it was great. Beth and Walter gave a wonderful party and Kasey, as we have grown to expect, was a superstar.


Both Tua and Bridgewater are now off the concussion protocol. As a Dolphins fan, I want Tua to be able to play and continue to develop into a top-echelon NFL quarterback. On the other hand, if I were his Father, I would urge him to take his guaranteed money and find another occupation less dangerous to his health, where he does not risk being crippled or worse.


I miss going to the Vikings v Dolphins Day, as the celebration for Kasey continues for family and out of town guests.


I think it is time to start indicting Donald Trump.


I, too, am concerned about inflation, crime, and immigration, as well as several other problems facing us. However, I am much more concerned about the loss of our personal freedoms. If we lose those, which we will if the Republicans win next month, we will lose our democracy and the ability to try to fix these other problems.

Remember, the Republicans want to ban all abortions even if mother’s life in danger or the result of rape or incest. Do you really need more than that? Give me a damn break.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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