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Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Georgia Judge ruled that there can be early voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Of course, the Republicans are appealing. Heaven forbid even those qualified to vote should have that opportunity. The land of the free and the home of the brave is disappearing.


It is generally impossible to pick the very worst or the very best of anything. However, I do believe that even with the Boeberts and Lakes of the world, Marjorie Taylor Greene wins the gold for being the very worst woman in elected office, maybe in the entire country, maybe anywhere in the world. I cannot think of one redeeming thing about her.


If I already did not already dislike Elon Musk Intensely, he is now nearing the very top of my shit list. He has restored Twitter rights to Donald Trump, who rolls the truth probably 10% of the time.


There is an old joke where the husband goes to the doctor to inquire about a new penis. When the doctor quotes a high price, the husband replies that he had better first ask his wife before he spends that much. The next day the husband calls back and tells the doctor he has conferred with his wife, and she'd rather have a new kitchen.

Quickly looking at the menus of the Michelin three star restaurants in Paris, I am confident the cost of any meal would exceed $500 per person without wine. There was a time many years ago when we would eat at every three and two star in the entire city.

When I told Barbara the prices of eating at these highly rated restaurants, I got a similar response. Even with the exorbitant price of hotel rooms (I was quoted $1900 a night for a deluxe room, not a suite, at the Park Hyatt), I do not think dinner, or lunch, should cost more than one’s hotel accommodation —-at least if it is not a first date.

I am open to suggestions about nice places to eat in Paris where the price of the meal is less than some families of five or six spend in a month for all their food.


Michigan, the number 3 team in the country, got lucky beating Illinois 19 to 17 scoring with seconds to play in the game.

Now, unless Michigan and Ohio State play to a tie next week, one of those teams will have had an undefeated season. That is until the Georgia Bulldogs whom the crap against either one of them. There is no truth to the rumor that each Georgia player will have a picture of Herschel Walker on their helmet.

Michigan's great running back, a possible Heissman winner, escaped serious injury but only was in for a few plays in the second half.

Coincidentally , the number 4 team also only won by one point.

The number 5 team Tennessee got slaughtered. And come to think of it, Georgia only scored 16 points. ————————-

I had a very pleasant day with my daughter and her family. Grandson Blake accompanied Barbara and me to his first classical music concert. Florence has the most sophisticated audiences because children start attending concerts and opera performances at a very early age.

Spent a lot of time at the leather shop, where, as always, my friend Marco took good care of everyone. Went back to Gatto & Volpe for dinner, all except for Exhibit A. Today we have brunch at The Four Seasons. Expect we will do a lot of walking around as no rain predicted for today or tomorrow.


It looks like the next two years are going to be what the Rabbi taught me was “a cluster-f—k“. All the Republicans, now in control of the House want to do is impede our government from functioning. Hopefully, this strategy will bite them in the ass, we get through the next two years and then, the Democrats take back control in 2024 by whomping these people.

The Republicans are more interested in getting revenge than they are working to solve our problems. Maybe enough voters will be smart enough to realize this is wrong.


I was just asked by the Trump campaign who I thought his running mate should be. How about the ticket from hell? Trump and Greene? That would be the ultimate litmus test to see if our country can survive as a democracy.

Wow, talk about scary.


Go Ukraine

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