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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Yesterday we had a wonderful day in Banjul, The Gambia. It is an island of about 2 million peope. It has a character and a culture totally different than the other nearby African countries.

English is the language. There are only three traffic lights and three gasoline stations. Not surprisingly, there are a not a lot of motorbikes or cars.

I am sure there are some not beautiful women, but we did not see any. Our guide took us to his house to meet his 30 year old wife. She could have been in the movies. The two of them and a three old live in a room no bigger than 8 x 8. Their rent for six months is $250.

Our driver charged $50 for the whole day. He keeps $30 of the $50 and, if he is lucky, can work 3 days a week. I tipped him $40 and took him to lunch.

Our lunch was in a native restaurant sitting on probably the most beautiful beach we have ever seen. Lunch for five people ordering 8 different main courses, four diet cokes and two alcoholic drinks was $75.

Everyone in Gambia smiles. These are very happy people and the crime rate is low. However, the medical care is not that good and the really sick need to go to Ghana or Senegal where we will be today.

One huge loop we closed yesterday was purchasing four extra suitcases and getting them back to the ship and in our cabin. We needed them to send back to Florida the things we have that cannot fit in the suitcases we brought. Part of our cruise package is luggage forwarding of four bags.

We now have 13 days left and are busy just about every night. It took a while, several months, but we finally connected with some nice people who are nice to be with and have some worthwhile thoughts to share.

A couple is now on board married 65 years, he is 91 and she is 87. They are wonderful ballroom dancers—- I mean really good and fun to watch.


I started writing this at about 5 p.m. Sunday As of now, Barbara has already received Mother’s Day greetings from all three children and their spouses as well as three out of seven grandchildren. Call me unreasonable, but I do think it is not too much to ask that we hear from our family on these kind of occasions, and that, when we write checks for gifts, the recipient says “thank you”. I do not need, expect or want a note, but I do want to be thanked. More than once it has occurred to me to just send a card with nothing in it if I am not thanked, but, so far, I have not had the balls.

At about 8 p.m. a fourth grandchild reported in so we have a majority now of grandchildren.

At 10 p.m a 5th grandchild called so not a really good day is a great day.

Then a 6th grandchild reported. Wow!

Watched the Jen Psaki show and enjoyed it a lot. She is far better at interviewing than most every other talking head.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

P.S. Stop telling me Biden is too old to do the job and serve a second term until you can name some candidates who can do the job. I am particularly focused on our foreign relations. Biden, virtually all by himself, saved NATO, and he has the respect of all the leaders in the free world. He knows the issues and has experience to deal with him. Also, he has extremely capable people around him, and unlike his predecessor, he listens to them. Isn’t that unique ?


Not all Trump supporters are White Nationlists but all White Nationlists are Trump supporters. Senator Turberville is a moron.


It is hard to find anyone but even harder to find a lawyer who does not think that what is going on at the Supreme Court is a disgrace.

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