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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Not sure why it happened and do not know who did what, but in a very rare decision, SCOTUS entered an emergency order temporarily blocking Georgia law that harms Black voters. Wow!


Also in Georgia, although the 11th Circuit is sitting on an appeal, Lindsey Graham has been ordered to testify before the Grand Jury. That is scheduled for Tuesday.


Still undecided, at least as I write this, the Governor of Georgia’s attempt to avoid testifying has not been determined.


Trump is, apparently, raking in millions to pay for legal fees that, at least until he is indicted, are for the filing of papers that, as a matter of law, cannot yet be filed. He just talks about legal matters he obviously knows nothing about. Either his lawyers are equally as ignorant, or, more likely, they are happy as clams with Trump swindling money that will be used to pay them. Meantime, our billionaire Former President is taking in money hand over fist. The man is a total charlatan. Can anyone even imagine Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, any other Former President begging for money to help keep him out of jail?


Why isn’t it bothering more people that Trump is not discouraging attacks on the FBI? I thought he stood for law and order. Keep in mind that his home was not “raided”. It was entered pursuant to a valid search warrant issued by a Federal Magistrate. How dumb are these people who are buying all this malarkey.


There may be a worse woman in public office somewhere, but I bet none can really hold a candle to Marjorie Taylor Greene. She just filed legislation making it a felony to provide gender affirming medical care to a minor. Another damn Nazi.


The world’s second biggest theater chain, Regal Cinema, is about to file for bankruptcy. Will anyone still be going out to the movies in ten years?


Who else thinks “Scent of a Woman” is a terrific movie?


Marlins were shutout by Dodgers. I as not surprised.


Had good time at Dolphin game. Spent second half in Club 72 visiting more than watching the game.

The published menu that goes out a few days before the game had oysters and salmon sushi. Neither was served. I tried asking two servers about it and neither spoke a word of English. Neither Hill nor Waddle even dressed for the game so impossible to assess team.


Next Saturday night the Dolphins play at home at the same time the Marlins play the Dodger at home. I rather go to the Dolphin game. I think I will be outvoted although if we vote by age or weight, I could go where I prefer. baseball games this season. The driver is much easier to football and there is no comparison in the food and drink.


I will drive Barbara around to the polling places today.


Read the latest Sonny Randall book. Robert Parker’s character. Series continued by Mike Lupica, an excellent writer. Still, no one wrote dialogue better than Parker.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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