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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Multiple choice. Who said it and who does it?

“If it is important to me, I don’t quit or give up”.

-Abraham Lincoln

-Benjamin Franklin

-Barbara Miller

In Padang, we could not find the special foot treatment we found in three other Indonesian ports that really bring down the swelling in my feet and ankles. The treatment is not fun but it works. Barbara found the right place.


Thousand cheered to “lock her up, Hillary”. Now these same Republicans are crying like f————g babies because Trump is being charged with breaking the law. This is a man who wrongfully took documents and refused to return them, led an effort to try to overthrow our government, got on the phone to try to dishonestly win Georgia and refused to assist in an orderly transition of government. In fact, he did all he could to impede it. He is an immoral soulless human being who is an embarrassment to all Americans. The man deserved to be indicted. A jury will decide if he is guilty not you or me or any politician


Even though it is Ramadan, in Padang, a Chinese family owns and operates a typical Indonesian restaurant. They put out 15 or 16, if count white rice, and you eat what you want being charged only for what you eat. Passed on two Buffalo dishes but ate the rest and ordered seconds of two. No alcohol. Had iced tea. Whole lunch costs $15.

Seen a lot of mosques in my life. The new one in Padang was magnificent, maybe the nicest I have ever seen.

We had an excellent driver and very comfortable taxi. Four hours was another $15 but since our last stop in Indonesia, driver did very well because we gave him all the remaining local currency.


Upon returning to ship, Seabourn had a really nice sail away on the pool deck. About mid way on this cruise, four dancers and two singers who were adequate with four singers and two dancers. The dancers are good. Each of the four singers are spectacular. Today they did a Frankie Valli tribute which was worthy of Broadway.

I have now been on six cruises none shorter than 65 days. These entertainers are the best “regulars” I have ever seen on a cruise. I repeat the Ross Roberts, the Cruise Director is the best I have ever encountered. Talk about “highest and best use”. That is Ross in his present role.


Too bad about Final Four. Only upside is DeSantis cannot take credit for wining.

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

Go Ukraine

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